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I have been looking at dfferent options for my flight training and thought I would run this buy you guys, and get your replys.

I was looking at going through American flyers 10 day instrument, commercial and their CFI acandamy. And then get my four year degree from Embry-Riddle online.

My questions are, Is it a very good idea to go through a 10 day program if you want to get into aviation as a career?

And does anyone know much about ERAU online program? And will it stand up there with a traditional degree?

On the flight training I will go from rating to rating back to back so there will not be any down time. It will be a full time training situation. Just wanted to know if AF has a good 10 day program and will I learn everything I need to be a good instrument pilot?

Thanks for your help!!


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Don't know about American Flyers, but I'm doing the Riddle thing right now. Its alright, no more or less work than actually being there, and its nice cause its flexible. I don't know if companies will frown upon the way I got it, but if they do, oh well. It was the best option for me, as I had started at Riddle anyways and gotten a decent number of credits there before I decided their flight department was too back-asswards for the amount of money I was spending. After lots of consideration, I figured I might as well finish what I started.

Personally though, if I had it to do over again, I would go get my ratings (I'd definitely pick FSI again) and then go to a regular 'ol state school and get a degree in underwater basketweaving or something. Then I could instruct part time while in school. Being at Riddle sucked cause theres nothing but guys there (the few girls aren't worth your time), locals hate you, and its way freakin expensive. Riddle online, like I said, is OK, but you miss the whole college experience. I can't even begin to tell you how much I regret even considering that place, let along going there. I don't mean to rant, but if one person learns from my mistakes, I'll be happy. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
I don't think anybody is going to care how you got your ratings, as long as you know your stuff. 10 days, 10 weeks, 10 months, I don't think anyone is going to ask, but I wouldn't bring it up. The online thing is pretty good for college, but the one thing it really lacks in is the ability to really network with people, but it sounds like you will be meeting the people where you will be instructing.


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Have you checked out UVSC online program. I think it might be cheaper then riddles online program but Im not certain


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I did the first 2yrs at my local community college,got an A.S. in aviation addministration, and did my flight training locally.(Comm/SEL/Instr) and now I am doing the online portion thru Embry for a B.S. in pro areonautics this August while i'm geting my multi-engine at ATP. when I complete the multi, I'll get another 16 credits along with the 50 from CC for a total of 66 credits. The degree you earn online is no different than the degree you get on location, although the options for your major are limited. I personally do not believe what you get for a major really matters, enjoying what you are studying is more important since most employers in most feilds only care that you went to school and completed it with good grades. My advice would be not to pick a school on it's ability to provide oportunities for meeting women,you are going to school to better yourself and although social activity is important, it can be a big distraction that will lower your grades, which you will have to live with forever. My objective,education wise,is to get through it for the least amount of cash, while obtaining good credentials. I have been luck enough to pay for my flight training and schooling without taking any loans which has slowed things down at times, but with the current ecomomy as well as the state of the industry, I have no reason to rush the process. Hope this info helps.


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Im not to worried about the social side of school other than trying to met people in the business. I went to two different colleges for my associates degree and also went to Spartan for a few months. Been there done that. Now I have a family and need to get it done, but want to make sure I do it right!

Has anyone went through American flyers 10 day instrument? If so can you tell me all about it? Is it worth the 10K, and is it a good program for a pro-pilot bound person?

Thanks again!


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Personally, I'm not sure how I feel about short-term, fast paced instrument courses. The instrument rating is easily the second most important rating you'll ever get in your entire career as a pilot (the first one being your PPL) becuase when you apply for an airline job, your instrument skills are rated above all others if they put you through a sim evaluation. Instrument proficiency is also very important in terms of safety when you're flying in general. Therefore, I think its more important to make sure you spend whatever amount of time you need to actually learn the material thouroughly and become proficient at flying IFR, rather than to just get it done as soon as you can. For the reasons mentioned above, it's very critical and crucial that you learn the material well, and that you recieve the best possible training you can get.