Training Question


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I am heading down to Vero Beach next year. I have 300hrs PPL and Instrument rating. Flight Safety has provided me with a price estimate of 27800 for Commercial ME IFR +2500 for the Comm SE add on +8300 for the CFI SE for a total of around 38000 not including housing. Does anyone who attended or is attending FSA with prior experience similar to mine have any reports on the accuracy + or - on these prices. Would it be beneficial to train Pt 61?
Thanks in advance for any information. I am looking at Jan 2003 if the money situation works out. I have been knocking out lots of OT at work. (the more I work, the more I want to get out and start training which means I have to work more to pay for it) So I guess I'm lucky to have positive and negative motivations working together.
Also on the question of apartments....are they all 1 year leases or will I be able to find a 6 month deal or even a monthly situation. The local paper seems to have a lot of rentals but perhaps this is the off season. Good flying to all and thanks.
1. Although most plan for +10%, I have heard people say that the estimate is close to reality if not a little more than required.

2. There are 7-month leases available at some of the more FSI-friendly apt. complexes.

Tough to say on training costs. I would plan to be over minimum, I was about 10% over in my training. Part of that depends on your skill level, how hard you work, and of course who your instructor is (ie every instructor looks at a skill level differently, some may say you are ready for a checkride, some say you need 3 more lessons). But most are pretty consistent, usually 1-2 extra lessons over syllabus is normal.
Thanks for the info. I also looked at ATP for the career pilot plan but the difference in cost is not enough to justify. The lack of structure at ATP (no ground school, 1 day checkride notice) steered me away. I know personally I do better when I have a syllabus to follow. Again thanks for the flying.