training in fsi


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I think i have decided to join fsi after all

I checked their site but couldnt understand why are there so many different career paths.

I'd like to go through it all.. i mean PPL IFR ME CFI\II\ME
frozen ATPL.

is that possible there?

another question how much will the whole thing cost me (just the tuition)
I'm not sure about the Frozen ATPL, but you certainly could do everything else. That's not to say that they don't do it, I just don't know.

You should give the marketing department a call and they can answer all of your questions and give you actual price quotes for the different programs.

They have a toll free number which is (800) 800-1411. Ask for the marketing dept.

Most people who come here with 0 hours will do their training in the following order:

Private (in the Cadet)
Comercial Time Building (x-country trips around Florida in the Cadet)
Multi-Private (in the Seminole)
Instrument Rating (in the Seminole)
Commercial Multi (Seminole)

Commercial Single Engine Add On (in the Arrow)

CFI (Cadet/Arrow)
CFII (Cadet)
MEI (Seminole)

Most students don't do the ATP written right away because by the time you are finished with the program, you only have about 300 hours which is quite a bit shy of the ATP's required 1200. From what I hear, it's a pretty hard test and takes a bit of studying.

Good luck!
What is a frozen ATP?!

Don’t worry about the ATP. If you are just starting out it will be quite a while before you have the required experience to get it (1500hrs). Most people I know only got their ATP after working as an FO and they were preparing to upgrade to captain.
I think that a frozen ATP is probably where you take the ATP checkride, but don't receive the license until you accumulate the required flight time. I don't think that the FAA allows this to be done anymore.
No, they don't allow it anymore...I checked awhile back because I'll have 1500 hrs. looong before my 23rd birthday (unless I stop flying completely for about a year, which isn't too likely). Oh well, I'm in no hurry.