Training chronology?


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I am coming to FSI with a PPL and 165+ hrs. I believe I have met and am getting credit for the xc-hours requirement. My enrollment agreement shows only 55hrs seminole, 4hrs Zlin and 30 hrs. Frasca.

Tell me if the following chronology of events seems correct given the above info:

Ground Schools:
1. PPL Audit
2. COMM Ground School
3. MEL Ground School
4. INST Ground School

Flying Time:
1. Approx. 5hrs. evaluation in the Cherokee
2. Multi-engine training
3. Multi -engine Private Checkride
4. Commercial Training
5. Instrument Training
6. Commercial/Instrument/Multi checkride(s)...Is this one big check or one for each?

***Somewhere in-between you get the Zlin/Spatial Disorientation/ CRM training?

I am assuming that you can be flying while you are also doing ground this realistic? are there and rules against it?

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The order of events sounds right. The Instrument rating involves 2 checkrides if you are part 141, and the Multi and Commercial checkrides are both seperate. I personally don't recommend flying during the Instrument ground school - there is a lot of material to learn - but it certainally makes sense to fly during the other ground schools.
Is oexman going part 61 or 141? Given his current total time and quoted FSI time, it sounds like he will meet the Part 61 requirement of 250 hours for a commercial ticket.

I'm curious about all this, because I did ask admissions a while ago about building time before arriving. I have just under 100 hours, and I believe my enrollment agreement includes the same as oexmans as well as 50-60 (I don't have it with me) hours in the Warrior to build time. It was my understanding that some of this single-engine time will be dual, learning commercial maneuvers. How is oexman going to get the commercial instruction if her will not get any single time?

See you guys in a couple of weeks!
Good point.

Will the Commercial training part be done in the Seminole as part of the 55 hrs.? Or, am I in for a suprise (needing some additional single-time besides what was quoted).
I would check with them again about how much of that single engine time will be credited. It seems a little odd that you would do the 5 hour cadet check out if your credited all of step 2. (you won't be in the cadet after this)
Part of the reason may have to do with 141 requirements, I came in with 100 hours of single time and was only able to credit 35 hours toward the 141 program.
Speaking of building time, is there any policy against building time at another school on the field (i.e. Sun Air)? I too am coming in with 165+ hrs and am going 61. I understand that a good portion of my training will just be building for the 250 hrs needed for comm. I will be auditing the Inst. grnd school Jan. 6th. I have an inst. rating that is no longer current, and my training estimate did not include recurrency training. I was thinking I could take care of this at a less expensive school, but not sure how FSI feels about this. Any thoughts? Looking forward to getting started...
I came in with 300+ hours and went straight to the multi add-on and CFI courses. Maybe you want to build the hours before you enroll. I could see where it may be a problem building elsewhere while enrolled and active in a program here.

Word(s) of advice:

Go part 141 for as much as you can, its much less hassle. I did part 61 for instrument and commercial (multi). With part 61, you have to take 2 checkrides: one at FSI, and one with an FAA DE. I had to wait a week in between both times.

As far as the FAA DE's- they're just doing their job, they're not out to fail you. Most people don't like them. I had the same guy for both of mine, and really enjoyed flying with him- learned a lot.
Oexman, your going to love being here at FSI; it's been an excellent experience. I started here (With a couple others in the same situation) with 160+ hours and 100+ cross country time.
First we did the PPL Audit, Multi class and checkride, Instrument class, Commercial class, Instrument training and checkride, Zlin rides, Commercial training and checkride. There is only one checkride (With FSI) for every part of the training except for the last checkride (Commercial); one with FSI and one with the FAA. Since you don't have to do step 2 (Time building) with FSI you have to do step 5 (Commercial) part 61.
As you can see we flip flopped the commercial and instrument class, taking the instrument first, because it worked out better for timing.
Good luck and have fun!