Training agreement


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Hey guys,

I just received my training agreement in the mail. Are the following rates what you guys are paying:

Warrior Cadet 93/148
Arrow 127/182
Zlin na/251 holy crap!
Seminole 200/255

My training agreement doesn't show me flying the Arrow...what's with that? Only used for CASE add-on?

Total for PvtAudit/Inst/Comm/Multi/books/writtens/uniforms/reserve on account = $36,429.

Sound right? Add 10% for fudge factor?


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What's up with the MS lab and the aptitude testing? I don't wanna pay $850 for non-loggable time on MSFS2K2, which I have at home!

Thanks again...

Chunk <---buyin' the first round when I get there. I won't be able to afford any other ones!
I questioned that when I visited . . . that is if you use an instructor ($55.00/hr) to teach you how to use MS. If you use it by yourself, it is free. I also saw the prices, which are more than what I am spending in CA, and more than several schools in Orlando and Daytona Beach. The explaination given was because of the maintance and the cost of the instructor ($55.00/hr). I agree it is expensive, but I believe the training, and the association with Flight Safety will be worth the cost.
Hey Chunk, how much are they going to charge you for the CFI's that are required? It looks like you are at about $40K with the fudge factor added in for just the Commercial/Multi/Instrument.
It is pretty amazing that they get away with all of it.
1. The aformentioned $800 for flight simulator
2. $100 for a personality/iq test that is absolutely worthless.
3. Continual increase in prices even though they are spending significantly less on fuel.

The fact is, nearly every other school seems to deceivingly screw you after you lock yourself in. Here, we know we're getting screwed before we sign the contract, while we're here; and most-likely don't forget about it until after those key-bank loans are paid back.

Their logic is simple, though. Even with the hit on the economy/aviation industry, we continue to see a full boat of new guy's/gals coming here every month. The demand is definetely here, so they know people are willing to pay more.

I don't know of many (actually any) who regret coming here.

****I forgot to add that the estimate for "fudge factor" is not necessary if you closely track all of your training times. It is not too hard to stay perfectly on budget since every expense is included. That is, unless you have to redo lessons/checkrides.
The explaination given was because of the maintance and the cost of the instructor ($55.00/hr).
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">I just want to assure everyone that instructors don't take that much money home. There was also no raise for IPs when they raised the rates.