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I'm heading down on July 29 for the tour. Still a year away from making the move down, but looking forward to checking out FSA ( although I'm set on attending) Can anyone give me an idea as to instructor salaries? or any info on the ASA program? Good luck to those who have started training. Thanks
From what I was told when I went down there, Instructors make $14/hr and receive benefits. As of right now, I don't believe that the ASA program is up and running. I don't think it has restarted since 9/11.

Somebody please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong
Last week I toured, and the ASA program is essentially on hold. Instructors are paid $14/hr with benefits. There was a lot of excitement around, as ACA picked up some instructors and Comair (the airline, not the academy) was there to evaluate the school. From what I overheard, they were impressed, as I was too. Are you staying on campus? They out me up in a bungalow for 2 nights and it was really nice-when I go there I want to live there for at least a while.
I was planning on doing the same. What I end up doing depends on whether my girlfriend decides to leave her job and come down with of us has to secure our future! Either way, I wanted to stay in the dorms long enough untill I could hook up with somebody and split either an apartment or a house. I would prefer a house since you get more for your money...
Thanks for the info. I am staying over 1 night in the dorm while down there. I'm not borrowing any of the money, so I have to save some more or I'd be there already. For the record I'm an old man (38) with a wife and son. I've been a police officer for 15 years here in NY which is 14 years 11months and 30 days too long! I have no pipe dreams of flying for the majors. My goal is to complete my training and instruct, then maybe aim for a company like Netjets. Good luck to all of you FS pilots down there. Keep the rest of us posted on your progress, it helps pass the time til we get there.
I was just at Flightsafety monday June 17th for the tour. I was very impressed with the school, planes, and the people I met. BUT there is currently a wait list to become an instructor, about a 3 month delay. And the ASA program is still on hold. The good news for you: If it will take you till next year to get down to Vero, that should be enough time for things to shake out. They are anticipating the ASA program to start up again by this winter, and ACA came down and they hired about 20 instructors. So the wait list should be gone by the time you get there. I on the other hand want to start training this July or August, and I cant decide on a school. I hear bad things about all the schools.
I on the other hand want to start training this July or August, and I cant decide on a school. I hear bad things about all the schools.


It's good, that you are taking your time in your decision, and yes, you will hear bad thing's about these schools, you need that objectivity to make and informed decision. No one program is perfect, they all have their pro's and cons. Also, look at the state of the industry since sept 11th, it was so-so before and it got worse after. Right now, it's a bit rough for the industry in general but things are on an upswing, regionals are slowly starting to hire, and you got to be optimistic and get ready, when they do start to hiring in full.

Also, be carefull of those programs that promise, that you will get from zero to the right seat of a CRJ in a heart beat, one school told me 18 Mo's, another said 14 Mo's. If the marketing types promise you that, ask for proof! if they cant produce, then you have your answer. One school went so far as to guarantee a job with a regional, I asked him how can you guy's do that when this regional just furloughed about 330 pilots and counting, his responce was like, "well, you cant put a lot of stock on what you read in the internet" and when I pressed him for proof, he got visibly upset. What I liked about FSI, was thier answer, it was honest, not canned like in other places. first learn to become a proficient pilot, earn your certificates, build up quality flight time and then, you can concentrate on a career.

So far, you have set to bar pretty high by touring FSI first. Dont be so surprised, if the other flight programs dont match up to FSI. The quality and standards are so high, that the differences will be like night and day.

Good Luck in your search.

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