Totally new color vision issue!


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Well Doc,

Here is one out of the "blue" :laff:. I failed the color vision screening when I went to get my 3rd class medical... Never knew I had a problem until then. Anyways I went on with my life planning to take the FLANT sometime soon...

Which now brings me to the following. I interviewed for a Railroad engineer position and went through the whole process with no problems. Last was the medical. I thought I was home free then they brought out a fresh new ishihara 38plate exam. I say fresh because I was the first exam of the morning, and the doctor actually took the plastic off the book. MY heart sank as I was never told color vision would be tested. So, I braved and prepared for the inevitable, took the test and passed!! I couldn't believe it. The doctor signed off on everything. only got one wrong...number 6 which I couldn't make out in time.

Now, I was just called to take the AT-SAT exam for air traffic control. My question is can I go to an AME who has the Ishihara 38 plate test and have my blasted color restriction removed? And how could this happen... I do recall my original AME as a little flighty(i love puns) and he gave me the test in a somewhat dimly lit office. During the railroad there was ample overhead lighting. Thanks for the help Doc!


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Take the results from the engineer test and submit them to Oklahoma City with a written request for a letter of evidence for color vision. You should get a letter of evidence back from the, in about 6 weeks.


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Thanks Doc! Do you know if the Ishihara test standards for ATC are the same as those for pilots? . Ex. "no more than 9 errors on the first 21 plates of the Ishihara 38 plate edition"