Tornado Warning


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Tornado Warning at my house right now in Trumbull Connecticut...Seems to be getting better....Never seen weather or hail this bad in my entire life....Just wanted to post quick photo before i head back 2 basement.



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Meh, you should visit Kansas in the spring sometime :D

This was from my home airport this last spring (baseball sized hail)


Luckily, I wasn't there to enjoy this with my family. Then there was the tornado that destroyed a hardware store, a self-storage place, several homes, and several buildings at KSU. (EDIT: this one one right here, actually)


Watch as I flex my "my town has worse weather than yours" muscles! Muhahahaha


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That's some nice hail there, a little more and you might have yourself a snow cone. Ah . . . people not from tornado alley, such drama queens. -Flexes- :D


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I'm from tornado alley so it's quite normal for me, but wait till the first time I experience an earthquake or hurricane...which will hopefully be never, but with my recent move to New Orleans...:(


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Damn! Does every car out there have numerous baseball size dents in them all the time?

We only get hail a fraction of that size out here and if I hear it forecast I am driving to the nearest overhang.