Top notch training with equal education?


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I am looking to find a place where I, with about 40hrs TT and about 14 credit hours, and my wife with her first year college down, can move to and she can persue some sort of humanities degree and I can can get my 4 year degree along with my training to start an airline career. Because of my location I am looking into Western Michigan University and Nortwestern Michigan College in Traverse City. We are also looking at the possibility of Florida or Arizona....whaterver it takes basically. We are looking for the start to be in the fall of 2002, so we at least have a little time. Any suggestions of where to go or thoughts about the places I have mentioned? Thank you for your help.
You might consider ERAU, AZ and sending your wife to Yavapai College. I don't know much about their Humanities program, but I'm sure they have one.

I think Arizona State Univ in PHX and Univ of AZ in Tuscon each have a Flight and Humanities program.

Don't know about any place else.
Just an option, but a long way from Michigan.

GO BOILERS!!! If you are from Michigan, I probably don't need to say anything else. But, just for fun I'll say it again...
GO BOILERS!!! (football season is just around the corner and I need to get back into that frame of mind!

Be well and fly safe
Well I have to agree with eas, being a boilermaker myself. The program here is great, so many opportunities. Plus it's a decent sized univerisity with many more opportunities besides aviation. GO BOILERMAKERS!!!!!