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I have been offered a first officer position with another 135 Charter. I am going to take it. I expect to be pulled in for about a week of training by the middle of June, if not sooner. I have limited flight time in the Lear 35, and none in the Lear 55, as the bulk of my turbine time was in the Citation jet, so I will have to do some refresher training along with the required differences training. After I complete this requirement I will fly with one of two senior captains for a few months. The company anticipates 18 flying days a month with 40-60 flight hours a month. The company is the highest paying one on the field. Still not great money, I can make more money banging nails, but since the last company had cut my flight hours to next to nothing, the choice is easy. My position will start at the level of a two year pilot at a competitor. I am rather fortunate to have been given this opportunity.

The down side is they only schedule the pilots for 4 hard days off a month. Meaning we are not on call. The remainder of the time I will be required to be within about two hours of the airport. This isn't so bad, as the drive is only 40 mins away ,leaving me plenty of time to meet that requirement. As the company grows some more and we actually end up with two crews per aircraft vs the 1.25 we have now the 4 hard days off will change. I hope.

This also means we do not expect to be able to do much if any air races this year. And that really stinks, as we are the favorites to win all that we enter.

The interview was rather simple. I came in with a very well received endorsement/recommendation from one of their captains, and every person I interviewed with was retired, or prior military. This made it more comfortable, and an easier transition to actual discussion and dialogue vs a "stump the chump" type question and answer. By all accounts everyone was happy to have me come in, impress the interviewers, and a welcome asset to the company.

The interviewers were only interested in what type of flying I had been doing, and for how long. No questions about procedures, it was stated.. " we know you know how to fly you have been flying for (my last company)... an emphasis on customer service, and a willing ness to take on additional duties, ( not having aproblem cross-traiing into another type of jet)
Cool... and congrats!

Best of luck with the new job!