TOL, when did you get yours?


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TOL question...

Hello everyone,

I wish i would've known about this forum before my ATC journey begun, lots of great info!

Ok, so my question is, after the interview, how long before you guys received your TOL? I guess this is a question for the NON-PEPC people. Applied to PUBNAT1, I took my test in March i believe (Well qualified). Chosen for a terminal facility in CA, I chose the NON-PEPC option on an email i received and it was only a few weeks before i was scheduled for an interview @ KBUR. That was July 22 and i still haven't received my TOL. From what i read it didn't take that long for most people so im starting to worry a bit since its been over a month!:panic:

Thanks in advance for any info you can give and congrats to everyone that have come this far and beyond!