Today was a good day!


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Today was one of those days that everything seems to go right. Today began waking up to beautiful weather in PA on an Easter Sunday. I went to my sisters house for an awesome Easter dinner with my family. I got a great flight bag from my sister and brother-in-law for my birthday. I also got a metal wizz wheel and electronic flight computer as a hand me down from my brother in law, what a guy! I finally got to play FS2002 that I got for Christmas, man is that game awesome. To top it off, I just checked my lottery numbers and found out I won $100. Not enough to retire, but a great ending to a day filled with a plethera of well needed gifts. I wish everday was this nice.
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Sorry - SOMEBODY had to bring you back down to earth.

grats on the lottery dough.
Hey, I'm back up again, well almost. FIA written score - 99 AGI written score - 99! I checked my big four lottery numbers today, missed winning $2,500 by one measly number,
just like missing the 100 by one measly question. Oh well. FIVE more weeks until JAX! Done my writtens! Hoo Ya!