Today in history...


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1970 - Concorde makes first supersonic flight

1977 - Tenerife 583 killed, 61 survived. RIP

1994 - Eurofighter makes its first flight

1999 - F-117 shot down

Crazy day in aviation.
You have the fastest commercial airliner, 2 747s colliding by experienced crews, one of the most advanced fighter jets taking the sky, and the undetectable F117 being shot down by a 3rd world country.
...and why are we doing this tour of the eastern US? :confused: Please tell me bewbs are involved somewhere.


I hear that. When ever we do our long x-countries we always scope out the strip clubs and file our flight plans accordingly. They should add that to the AFD. Right next to fuel types offered. a symbol on the sectional wouldn't hurt either :nana2:.