To pro pilots.

Is it really worth it, like do you like all your jobs? I hear some "negative" stuff about airline flying and i just want to know if you all like it. I love flying, and this is what I want to do with my life, so for someone who loves avaition and travalling, would you recommend this career? Doug, Dave, Don, anyother pros? I hope the answers are yes!
In the military, the flying is OK, but there's never really any time to enjoy it. It's a job like anything else. Hours of preplanning plus hours of debrief (unless you're me) for a 2 hour flight. Plus the extra officer crap known as "additional duties" make for very long daysthat after a while, get tiring and not really worth the effort.

It pays the bills for now, though.
Think about it...Are there any other jobs that you would think you would love? Sit in a bank all day? Teach kids all day? You may listen to a lot of other people talking about their aviation jobs and how they don't think they're incredibly awesome, but would you rather have any alternitive? Although I know that flying everyday doesn't sound the best, but I know that there is no other job that I would rather do everyday than fly.... So ya know.....anyways.....not a pro pilot tho.....
Is it really worth it, like do you like all your jobs? I hear some "negative" stuff about airline flying

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Thats all I hear on this forum, negative things (No offense), How people can't get women, how they are never home, how the pay sucks.....Miserable people in here in my opinion. In Europe and the country I am from, if you are a pilot you are god meaning you are ranked up there with Doctors, Lawyers basically all the top jobs, my uncle and friends who fly for the airlines never complain and just say how they love it. Don't let this bring you down, if you love it and want to do it, go for it.
Flying as a hobby is worth it. Making "your vacation your vocation" is risky. Flying is still enjoyable when I go up and do it on my own.

Airline flying, however, has lost it's "zing." Somedays it's great to be at work, and somedays it's just another job.

As for "paying the bills" there are many fields which are more lucrative with less $$$ and time invested. The percentage of starting pilots that actually make it all the way to major airline captain is horribly low.

I advise people to pursue a flying career only if they understand the downside as well. Right now there are a substantial number of pro pilots out there who feel "cheated" and "lied to." This is not what they were led to believe it would be.

On the other hand there are also many who wake up each day looking forward to going to work, so it's a dilemma.

Listen carefully to the positives and negatives you hear from people who are in the business and make that decision yourself after reaching your personal conclusions.
Absolutley. One of the reasons that I'm occasionally negative on this forum is that I'm hoping that people just starting out will realize that being a pro pilot, while there are ALOT of POSITIVES, there are just as many, if not more, NEGATIVES. I will never try to dissuade anyone from pursuing a career in aviation - I just ask that before you commit tens of thousands of dollars and years of your life that you do your research and see both the good and the bad side of flying for a living. I know that most of you young guys are so motivated and so focused you're either unable or unwilling to see the negative side of things - I know because I was that way too.

It's just a job - nothing more, nothing less. I've been flying professionally for 5 years - I've already lost 3 jobs(furloughs, etc), I'm flying a Challenger with a •ty schedule, no control over my life, and struggle to pay all of my bills and the mortgage on my $100K house. I had a friend in High School that went to school for computer technology - I asked him if he still enjoyed going to work - his answer is pretty much what mine is "Some days are good, some are bad - but in general I'd rather not go". He just bought a $300K house.

The job has it's good and bad points...just like any job.

The good is that I make well over six figures working 10 days a month. I could make even more if I wanted to be a Captain but I'd have to work harder and I'm basically lazy, and content where I am for now.

The flying part is fun some of the time. My first few flights after being off a week are most enjoyable but then it's more routine. I do short time to be bored. I can see how flying coast to coast, all night, could get old really fast...but I hardly ever have to do that cause I don't bid those trips. I'm on a fun plane, the 727. My vision of the more modern planes is that you are just a button pusher and autopilot monitor. If you say that to a 757 driver they will say it's still fun and you don't know what you're I could be off base, but I like the low tech 727 cause it's more of a pilot's plane. Doug mentioned turning off the automation and doing visuals with no VASI's...hehe....that would scare even me, but that sort of thing is what makes you into a good stick and keeps you from getting bored.

The lifestyle gets old quick. Again, first few days back after a week off and it's kinda fun going to different places to eat and doing things. Quickly, though, you get tired of it and just want to go home. My computer keeps me from getting too bored on the road...don't know how I survived without it all those years. I don't have a family so my life is easier and less complicated by that. Being gone a lot is hard on the family life but it's just a trade off you have to make if you are going to chase this career. If you get married, you need to have an understanding wife who can be happy with you not around, and who has a life of her own. It's important that she be an independent person...not one that needs you around all the time to be happy.

The "working nights-sleeping days" part of being a freight dawg makes some guys crazy...I deal with it okay but some never get used to it.

The company I work for? Well, I could go on and on about that but I'm not supposed to really. How many of us don't have a lot to say about how messed up our employers are? Let's just say it's not a Southwest Airlines type of environment.....

So...this post comes out kinda sounding negative. Really, though, the positive far outweighs the negative for me and I mentioned the positive in the just didn't take up much room. I'll say it again...I make well over six figures and I work 10 days a month. That really says it all and is by far the overriding fact in my total feeling about my job. The money and the time off allow me to do what I really like, which is doing volunteer work with kids and youth ministry.

ANY job, I think, even flying...which seems so cool to most of you...can become a pain in the neck if you do it professionally. I guess we all just need to win the lottery....
The bottom line is, at some point, damn near every job becomes that - just a job. Go ask the insurance salesman if he's happy with his job, or the auto-plant worker, or the longshoreman or the CEO of a *small* company.

The entire trick is to figure out a way to accept the crap that every job throws your way and focus on the fun/interesting things that drew you to the job in the first place. If you figure that out you're good to go. But leaving one job because anotherone looks better isn't going to solve anything. All jobs are practically the same - jobs.

And remember, the airlines are not the *only* flying job out there. Sure, the other jobs might not pay much but neither does teaching and plenty of people find a way to live on a public school teacher's pay.

Just an opinion of a non-pro pilot... take it for what its worth.
I've found a solution!!!
Let's all join Amway!!! Hey, then we wouldnt be tied to our jobs at all, have a residual income and all the time in the world to spend with our families!! At least that's what the Quixtar people told me!!

So uhh, I have these awesome energy drinks (in my best car salesman voice)...anyone want to buy some??
Just an opinion of a non-pro pilot... take it for what its worth.

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And here's another one:

For all you wannabe's - like me - who are currently either instructing or working on your ratings - remember; when you read the posts from the guys that are "there", who are currently "living the dream" - i.e. professional pilots - good or bad....

...take everything they say - NOT with a grain of salt - but, with a pound of perception...

To make sense of that: LISTEN to what they are telling you!

I truly believe that the Real-world-experience guys like Doug, A300Capt., DE727UPS, JT and the rest are NOT trying to dissuade wannabe's as much as they are trying to FOREWARN us of the reality that is flying for an airline.

As with anything you do - DO NOT go into the pursuit of an airline/professional pilot career with misconceptions.

Knowing beforehand the pitfalls that may or may not lay ahead can only serve to prepare you when reality jumps up and smacks you in the face one day.

Weigh the pros and cons of what you hear/read/see and make you own decisions.

Remember, if these guys hated their jobs - they wouldn't be there. But, LISTEN to them when they are telling you something. YOu just might learn and be able to cope with it when/if your time comes.

Good luck!

Let me answer your questions... YES and YES. Now let me qualify my answers. For ME the answers are yes. There are alot of variables that go into everone's answers. My first jobs were working in lumber mills and in the woods as a logger, I hated those jobs so I became a plumber, and I don't mean the 727 kind. I worked in the plumbing and heating field for over 10 years while I built on the oportunities in aviation. I have been a "pro" pilot for about 12 years flying fixed wing and rotary wing in both military and in the corporate world. I do not make the big money that some at the airlines make, but have you noticed that alone is not the receipt for happiness. I make very good money and enjoy a great quality of life. I hate routine and schedules so for me the corporate flying is the perfect stimulas. I am home enough that when a trip comes up I look forward to flying it and I am away just enough that I am happy to get home. For example this week I went to Hershey Park with my family on Monday, Tues I had a day trip to Atlanta, Wed I had a day trip to Buf, and was back in the hangar by noon eating REAL Buffalo Wings with the mechanic,courtousy of my expense account. Next week I only have one day trip scheduled. There are busy weeks and not so busy weeks, I fly about 600 hrs. per year for my company plus another 150 hrs. in the reserves. If you can't tell I LOVE my job, in fact its hardly a negative when I have to go to "work". That's more than most of my friends who are engineers or factory workers can say. I hope the airline guys read this with envy.

The bottom line is you are going to work for the next 40 years so you might as well find something that YOU like and enjoy. In time you will figure out what is important to you and you will seek out a career path that will enable you to feel fulfilled and proud. It sounds to me like you have what it takes to "survive" this aviation experience so I say GO FOR IT. Keep asking those good questions.
so braidkid - you signed up? LOL Who's your diamond?

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Hehe, no way man!! I'm not the outgoing car salesman type of guy. Besides, who has time for Amway when they're trying to build hours and make it in the aviation industry!! That's my excuse to my cooworkers for not joining anyway.
I joined Amway back in 1991 because one of the local charter owners was taking his distributors along in the right seat. A scheme formed in my head .... Why not get in with him and get all the other starving CFIs on the field to sign up with me for right seat multi time?

Not surprsingly, the scam worked. Also not surprisingly, none of them ever did anything in the business

Since no one can come up with any decent jokes in the humor section that aren't wrinkled, here are some "CFI" jokes that have been stolen from another field of endeavour. Extra points if you can figure out where they come from:

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Of course there are guitar player jokes too ...

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