Time to for a diet


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WASHINGTON, May 12 The Federal Aviation Administration (news - web sites) today ordered airlines that fly planes with more than 19 seats to raise the assumed average weight of each passenger by 10 pounds and the assumed weight for each checked bag by an additional 5 to ensure that their planes are not overloaded.

This means that some aircraft may have to off load freight or have empty seats to remain within the regs. This could have another negative impact on revenue. Shouldn't there be some good news out there?
The FAA did that in response to the regional plane that crashed in North Carolina in Jan. of this year. I think there were about 21 or so people on board.
The 160 lbs "average passenger" rule was hilarious. We'd fly from GRB to MKE with a bunch of Wisconsinites and there's no way that Jurg Johannsen and Hans Einbahnstrasse were 160 lbs.

Probably had at least 30 or 40 lbs of digesting Johnsonville bratwurst in their small intestine!
I'm pretty sure you only have one colon... maybe their small intestine?

I couldn't believe the 160 lb. average either. What year was THAT? 1950?? Folks today are MUCH larger.

My wife works in a cardiologist office and before that - a urology office - now, granted, the patients coming in were grossly over weight - hence the need for such specialists, but.... my wife was telling me that the average FEMALE weight was around 150 - 160.

Now - imagine what the average MALE weight is.

If I remember correctly, the report last night on NBC said that the airlines are having to raise the average weight by more than 20 lbs. per person.

Heck -the average CARRY ON weighed in at 25 lbs.