Time off/stuff to do in VRB?


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I'm curious what everyone does for fun down in VRB. Looking at the schedule FSI sent me, I'll have classes for a half day, then fly later on in the program. Coming from a mucho-overtime work environment, it looks like I will have a lot of spare time down there....so what does everyone do? I really like Orlando and take every chance I can get to get there and kick back, and it's 600 miles from here! The theme parks are cool, the clubs are awesome, just a lot of stuff to do. Do a lot of students head up to Orlando on days off?

Now I realize there is studying to do. I also realize there isn't much to do in VRB, and getting a job is not a good idea for scheduling reasons.

Thanks for the ideas!
When you DO have time off (which I assume for you FS guys is not too often) Orlando is only an hour and twenty minutes away by car...so its an easy trip. Also the beaches are here, but that does get old after a while. Other than that...there isn't much really to do here besides fly, get a tan, and sleep.

Sniffing glue is the only thing that I have found which temporarily takes away the pain of living in Florida.


There is a pretty good movie theater.
If you are in to skin cancer the beaches are fairly nice. (Surfing is possible nearby)
Insanity is an attractive option on a Sunday afternoon.
If you enjoy having your car raised either excessively high or lowered excessively low you will fit right in.
Shirts and shoes seem to be optional at many establishments.
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Sniffing glue is the only thing that I have found which temporarily takes away the pain of living in Florida.

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Dude, you made me spit out coffee with that one!

FLAAAH-rida is cool as a tourist, but after three years, I had to escape!

I Could not resist this one, and in the spirit of David Letterman. Here are the top ten things to do in VB, when you are not in school:

10) Door to door saleman - Considering local population, sell term life insurance.

9) Setup a local golf league and teach them, not to break anything.

8) Open up a local bowling league and make sure, they stay awake.

7) Open up a local bingo hall, with free coupons to Kaymart.

6) Open up and night club and and make friday nights a viagra nights, Ladies in free.

5) At the opening of the night club, becoming a Kareoke singer and lipsing to frank sinatra.

4) Run for Mayor of VB; the retirement vote is critical.!

3) Do a chipendales act, in front of a couple hundred senior ladies over 70. /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

2) Setup a dating service, with "Guarentee Interviews" and the TT is loggable.

1) Setup a FSI annual celebrity Beach party, with local telecast on the eastern seaboard;"party till you drop, just leave the viagra and drinks at home, we dont wont anyone to get hurt."

Yeah I have some time on my hands, /ubbthreads/images/icons/smirk.gif Orlando, West Palm Beach, not even close,who say's that life in VB is boring. /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

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OK guys, stop bashing Florida! Yes VRB is a quiet sleepy town, but come on down to Fort Lauderdale, there is so much to do, I haven't done it all yet, and I have lived here my whole life! South Florida is completely different from the rest of the state.

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Well, I am back in the northeast instructing after 1 year 2 months in Florida (aka La-Di-Da) and Vero is definetly a sleepy town. I liked the beach my first summer there but then the frequent report of sharks got me thinking....The mall is nice, but it's a mall just like any other. So...Get into weight lifting or model airplane building cause there ain't much else. Oh yeah, there's always the late night Wal-Mart run.......
That move went pretty quick there Baronman!! Did you toss all your stuff in storage, or U-haul it all up north? I'll bet it feels pretty good to be getting paid to fly finally!
Yeah, I've been up here for a couple of weeks now, and you bet it feels GREAT to be instructing...I must say that for once I appreciate the "standardization" at FSI...I've found things here to be good but not at the same level to which I'm accustomed. On the other hand I have a little more freedom in how teach. Actually I'm introducing some FSI style things here. I still have my apartment in lovely Vero, my roomate is stiill there so I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do. I didn't use any storage or U-Hall. One word, Nissan Sentra. hehe...Yeah baby! I don't think she could take a trailer but I'll tell you guys with the trunk full of CRAP and an aft CG I felt like I was in slow flight clean the entire way up on I-95 (Nose high attitute!!!)

Where did you end up getting work? Im going to be headed back northeast in a month or so. I think have a place at home for a few short term hours, but after that I will be in need.

"I've found things here to be good but not at the same level to which I'm accustomed."

Can you elaborate on that? Are you referring to instruction or training at FSA?
Hey Baron...

I've got a 96 Sentra and I've towed the littlest U-Haul trailer with it a couple of times...no problems at all!!!


Is that the cheapest way to move to Florida from across the country? Rent a U-Haul and tow your car?

I wonder how many days it takes to drive from Cali to Floriday in a U-Haul towing a car (without a relief driver).
It took 22 hr.. to drive from Great Lakes Chicago to Pensicola FL.. we had just grad Boot Camp on sept 7th, but after 9/11 all the Airports were close so.. the only way to get to get to P-cola was by Bus... changed drivers twice.. ( it was a memorable trip) Tennesse has great people living their, one store couple said " take what you want.. we'll pay for it" to a bus full of 55 Sailors)
( God bless Americans) /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif
I moved to Las Vegas, NV. from Fort Lauderdale, FL 3000 miles! I rented a 26 foot Ryder truck, and towed my car. It took 4 days, driving 12-14 hours a day. The mountains really slowed me up.

The Turk.

Take lots of pills, one of them might work!
I'm moving from LA to VB in mid August. We have Public Storage coming tomorrow with 4 containers which they will load all our stuff in and ship to Orlando then store until we call for them to bring it down to VB. Total cost will be between 3 - 4k. Not bad when renting a Uhaul and doing everything ourselves would be at least 3k.

With regard to what I said about level of flight training I meant to say that the level of instruction here at this school where I now teach (also part 141) isn't nearly at the same level as FSI. Also the atmosphere here is different, at FSI everyone eats, breaths and sh#$ aviation, here it isn't the same so I really value my training at FSI. I feel it's top notch.

So flybimmer you have a '96 Sentra? Cool...I have a '97 so now I know that UHaul is an option...

It's good to hear from you again, considering that this is a smaller airport, are you getting the same amount of flight time at this FBO.? and since you are basically setting up the standards there, will you return when your done, or is this a temporary deal.?

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