Thoughts about major airline hiring.


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If the major airlines don't hire any pilots for say another 7 years, making it 10 years since Sept 11. Won't they have to hire pilots. Of course someone will say not when they have thousands of qualified pilots on furlough, But my response to that is how many pilots are going to be willing to take there jobs back after being laid off for ten years? And I'm sure over the course of ten years they will need to hire more pilots due to retirements and furloughed pilots pursuing other interests and such. I'm not trying to say that there will be a shortage of qualified pilots, I think I'm trying to say that maybe they'll be understaffed? I was just thinking about this last night and wanted to see what others felt.

From everthing I've heard, most airlines have agreements where recall rights for pilots on furlough last for a period such as five years from the date of furlough. After that you would lose your senority number, so at that time they would be able to hire pilots at new hire wages instead of giving furloughed pilots pay commesurate with their hire date.
Ya but whose is really going to go back and make a whole lot less doing the exact same thing?
Well, it would beat the hell out of what they're making now, wouldn't it?

Not always. I was talking to a DLA pilot while on a flight from Atlanta to Tampa. He had his MBA and had anther job lined up making the same if not more if he were to be furloughed.