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Just reported on ABC, that 2 helos went down at Torrance airport. They say it looks like a mid-air. Any more info?
Looks like an R-44 with 2 on board, and an R-22 (on a student first solo, no less).
Everytime I taxi past the Robinson facility there I always wanna go hop in one and learn to fly it. That sucks that they died.
Re: This just in...AP Article update

Helicopters collide in midair over California
Associated Press

Published November 7, 2003 CHOP08

TORRANCE, Calif. -- A helicopter landing at a municipal airport collided with another on its way into the sky, killing two people and injuring another.

The crash at the Torrance Airport occurred Thursday afternoon as the aircraft were 100 to 200 feet above the ground, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Donn Walker.

The two people killed were in the helicopter that was taking off, Walker said. The pilot of that helicopter was training a passenger when it crashed on the runway, officials said.

The pilot of the other helicopter was taken to a hospital with leg and head injuries after it crashed into a cornfield.

Neither the cause of the crash nor the helicopters' flight plans were immediately known.