This is ridiculous

I promise you he doesn't have insurance.

See, this is the thing about these threads. Everyone is like "zomg the insurance must be so expensive!!!" Who needs insurance in a state where - after balling up an airplane and surviving - your chief worry is not being eaten by bears?

(Ok I know that's probably not actually it, but replacing the aircraft is probably not foremost on your mind after crashing in the bush. :))

What's ridiculous about this? It's a cub.

Poor man's helicopter with more range? :D
There's also no legal obligation to have insurance on an airplane like there are cars, so for many folks the cost savings outweigh the risk. I don't necessarily agree with it, but it is what it is.
I'm guessing that when the camera shut off and he got out of the plane, he jumped out on the ridge and strangled a bear with his bear hands just to watch it die, then got back in. That is the only scenario that makes sense to me.

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After this post, I would go Gulley for you.