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I was wondering how the program at ATP is different from say FSI- I know you have to have your private to start the career pilot program but then it only takes 3 months?- how much more intense is it to get it done that quick? I am thinking that if the industry is on a down turn and jobs might be hard to come it doesn't make sense to have a $60,000 loan hanging over your head while you are instructing and trying to survive- so how is ATP so much less money? Any comments are appreciated- Thanks
ATP has a set price for the Airline Career Pilot Program:$32,995 (plus examiner fees). This price does not go up, unlike other programs. Housing is included in the Career Pilot price. The program is built around the Piper Seminole (twin engine). Most other programs focus on single engine training with some twin time thrown in for good measure. The planes are very well maintained and are equipped with the Garmin 430 GPS. Finally, the Career Pilot Program is finished in about 90 days. The program is focused and intense (seven days a week, full time). Come to ATP only if you are fully devoted to flying. In my opinion, there is no better program in the country.
You don't need your private to start at ATP either. I have zero hours and I am doing the Private pilot course along with the Career Program. $5995 more for 85 hours of flight time in 60 days. Not a bad deal.
Actually its ppl program is 4995 and housing is 1000 for a furnished apartment for 2 months.So 4995 for 85 hours in a 172 with instruction isnt bad. And I heard that most students get their private in about 45 hours at ATP so the rest of the hours you start your instrument training. So you get a head start on the ACP program.

Well you're right blee. Thanks for clarifying the specifics of the specifications of the specific price for the specific PPL course. Thanks alot. That's a great deal indeed. Aren't you jumping out of your skin. You've got 2 weeks to go. When are you moving into the apartments. Are they letting you move in on the first even though the course doesn't start until the seventh. I'm going in June now and move in on the first and start the course on the second.
Thanks for clarifying the specifics of the specifications of the specific price for the specific PPL course

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I thought I would get a respones similar to that. Yeah I am excited. I leave here next thursday. i'll get to JAX on TUesday the 1st. My class doesnt start til the 7th, so earliest i can move in is on the friday the 4th. So i am gonna stay in a hotel for a couple days. AAwww, the benefits of working for hilton are great. I have some friends coming along so that why i had to leave a little early and stay in a hotel so the trip can take up part of the weekend and not have to miss too much work.

I passed my ppl written and now I am gonna start studying for the cax written since i heard it was similar to the private. See you in June.