They'll Get You A CFI


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"Qualification for entry:
Minimum 1,000 hours total flying time, of which 800 hours will be multi engine
Upper age limit is 60 years of age to comply with the local aviation law"

I think this only applies to JAA licensed pilots, I would think most people with that much time would already have their cfi and if they didn't they probably don't need. they could find a job with those times already.


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You may have a point there. Maybe someone from that neighborhood will weigh in. Lots of people without JAA tickets are flying in the UAE.

Just thought someone might be interested.

Take a look at for links to many agencies if you haven't visited that sight yet.


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I would love to fly in that country!

Well, give it a shot and report back; can't win if you don't enter. It would seem there's got to be a reason why they're willing to get a guy a CFI just to get instructors over there. Maybe they're in a tight spot. Hard to tell.

There was some outfit in CAK doing the same thing a while back...offering to get people a CFI if they'd stay and instruct. I'd guess things have eased up a bit on the supply side here.