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I know I haven't posted any pictures of my trip yet, it has been pretty busy since I have gotten here. I finally moved into my apartment, but started groundschool for a new job.

I was hired to fly 207's out in the western part of AK for a large 135 operator up here. The way the job starts is you fly in the right seat of a Caravan to train you in the area and then go to the 207. During indoc ground school I asked if I could fly the 1900 instead.

I began ground school this morning for the 1900 and will be flying them out of Anchorage. It is going to be a great oppurtunity and I am real glad I made the trip up here. It would be quite sometime before I got a job in the Seattle area. I am up to 1150tt with only 43 multi.
Congrats....sounds fun. Way to take initiative. The 207 will be easy for you after learning the 1900 systems and emergency checklists.
Congrats on the job! Are you starting with ACE or Frontier? I'm jealous- I REALLY want to be up there in Alaska- especially now that the summer months are on the way. I'm even considering taking a leave of absence for 4-6 weeks to fly up there.
I won't be flying the 207, I am going straight to the 1900.

We have 1900C's

It is neitherACE or Frontier, I will pass on the company name once I am done with the checkride.

I had a friend who flew 1900's for Ryan and went from the right seat there straight to Aloha a few years back.

I was at Crest yesterday and have a question for you...

I wanted to fly a 125hp Sparrowhawk before I decided whether or not to invest in the Sparrohawk mods on my 152. When I saw that 156 still had the McCauley prop it, I decided to not bother since I believe that means it only has the high compression piston conversion and not the Sensinich prop conversion which would allow 2800 rpm for takeoff. Just wondered if you had any ideas about that since you've probably flown both those 152's.
Congrats Buzo. You just asked to fly the 1900 and the gave it you? Good job, keep us posted. How did you make the connections to fly the 207 orginally? It's good to hear that there are jobs out there!
Hey Buzo:
I am headed to Alaska Float Ratings in June(well at least I put a deposit down) to do my seaplane rating. Currently I am in NYC with just a private certificate. Are there opportunities for pilots with a brand new comm/inst? I have recently become interested in bush flying and I would like to 'move out' away from the 'rents, and becoming a full time cfi in a couple of years won't enable me to pay the rent around here. Seems like heading up there would be a way to get move out, and get a lot of exciting flight time in the process. Someone told me that small aircraft up there are like cars here, its just necessary to get supplies into small towns etc. Any info/ suggestions you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks!


If you are interested in bush flying Canada is where you should be looking, from what I have heard there are plenty of bush pilot positions in the North and is apparently a great time builder. You will also expierience some different weather

Hi Flycanuck:
Thanks for your reply. I have also thought about Canada, but what are the licensing requirements? Do FAA certificates and ratings count there? Where can I find info about this?

Well 1900 groundschool is done. It was pretty intense, but really not that bad. I only missed one question on the final.

DE727-- The only plane I have flown out of Crest is the Travelair. I am not familiar with the rest of there fleet. When I was in Seattle I flew out BEFA at the Renton airport.

The 207 job came about by persistance. There are jobs available up here, but you need to come up here and show the people you are interested. It looks like there will be another new hire class happening pretty soon. They had one in March, mine started in Mid April, and probably one sometime next month.

They require 1500 hours to fly the 207, but they hire with lower time and start people in the right seat of a Caravan. After some time in the 208 you move to the 207 when they need someone.

Pay for the 207 starts at 3000 per month and goes up to around 4500 a month. The bush pilots fly a 2 week on 2 week of schedule. In the 1900 we are going to do a 10 on, 10 reserve, 10 off schedule.