Theft Aloft at UAL


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From UAL:

August 05, 2008

Dear DCASW Flight Attendant,

As the DCASW manager for five years many of you can attest to my intent to communicate accurately and candidly. This memo is no exception and contains a very serious message.

The DCASW staff receives unsolicited information from flight attendants about the sheer volume of theft occurring on international flights. We are told about the removal of significant amounts of alcohol which is consumed privately, in groups, on the bus to the hotel, pool-side, in crew rooms, etc. We also hear of blatant theft of duty free items and of significant and unaccounted cash shortages. These reports are from honest employees who not only disapprove of this behavior but also fear becoming implicated through no fault of their own.

In order to better protect United's innocent employees as well as our product and profit, DCASW has partnered with United's Corporate Security, Legal Department, Labor Relations, Onboard Service and Flight Operations to delve more deeply into an analysis of these situations and to develop action plans for resolution. Customs and Immigrations officials have also been alerted to unauthorized removal of Company property. For anyone caught in possession of unauthorized United property (e.g., alcohol, duty free items, etc.), including property entrusted to United's care, consuming alcohol taken from aircraft or in any way benefiting from the theft of United's property, the ramifications will be severe and unforgiving including job loss and United's pursuit of criminal charges (and possible civil claims) at a local, federal or international level.

This memo is intended to support those employees who have sought our assistance in this matter. The Company values honesty and admires the courage demonstrated by employees in coming forward with information about this activity. As such, the Company will take all measures necessary to protect individuals who assist in identifying perpetrators. You may make confidential and anonymous reports to United's Ethics and Compliance office at 1-888-700-4244. For more information on this service go to SkyNet, the drop-down arrow under Departments (right column) and click Ethics and Compliance to read more.

The honesty and integrity of those employees who view this dishonest behavior as so highly unacceptable is applauded. Please know we will do all possible to support you as we proceed with closer monitoring and scrutiny.

Anthony J. Nicastro
Manager - DCASW (at IADSW)


This doesn't seem like the kind of thing that should have been addressed with a widely-distributed memo ... that would end up in public ...


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If it's electronically distributed, it's on the internet somewhere.


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It is well known how much of anything a USD gets you in Europe.

UAL international per diem for pilots is $2.15 an hour for international which means for flight attendants it is probably $2 or less.

A bunch of people know they are going to get furloughed in a few months and the company doesn't seem to care for the employees very much.

It's been a long night and decision making skills have degraded by landing time.

I don't approve of theft but I am not surprised they are doing this.


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They are cutting 1500 flight attendants. Seriously do they think people care if they are fired?


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Theft from the company? Maybe they ought to investgate the top of the corporate pyramid.