The Waiting for Time to Pass thread


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How will you spend your time waiting for a new PUBNAT, or "chosen for ATSAT" on your ASAP page, or ATSAT schedule email, or taking the ATSAT at Robinson, or GeoPref email, or "You have been chosen for a Virgin Islands facility!" email, or PEPC invite, or PEPC confirmation, or TOL, or 'getting your paperwork lost in the faa bureaucracy', or security clearance approval, or OKC date, or FOL, or.... well you get the picture!



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I'll be working on my CFI/CFII certificates. I'm actually glad that the process takes so long, so I can finish these.


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Im just trying to penny pinch. And come up with a financial plan so as not to file bankruptcy or foreclose. Im having a wonderful time! :sarcasm:


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I fly Piper cubs....but I'm already employed...sorry...I love flying!
despite my previous circumstantial opinions of you.. after reading what you just said and taking some time to recover from heart palpitations.. you now have my fullest respects Mr. Gnome.

:) I've fueled, cleaned, serviced and flown in G5's (through some lucky connections), pipers, trinidads, cirrus' (full glass), Citations 1-X, every single prop cessna imaginable (save for the caravan), cherokees, a grumman....

but the only plane I have ever NOT been able to fly in as much as I like (only ONCE my entire life), and strongly desire to own some day (moreso than any other).. is none other than the good 'ol J2.

I am humbled by your incorruptibility to the basic laws of human passion in flight.



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I'm going to continue slinging the best drinks in Lexington...oh yeah, and finish stupid school. One semester to go. I might try to fly more often.


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So does it matter WHY you're waiting on time to pass? Could one join in on the waiting if they were, say waiting on Christmas, a birthday, a promotion, a BABY??? :)


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While I wait for the TOL, I will continue to work, start officiating football for another season, and continue to check email and mail until I find out if I move on.


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I actually really enjoy spending time on this site which gives me a little fix each day. Even if I don't post, its fun to read. Aside from that I am using the time to finish my instrument and commercial tickets...


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I'm finishing up my Associates and working for the VA. I wish I had more money to fly but I guess that'll have to wait until later in life!