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I figure I would start a new thread for each phase of my training, so the threads wont get too long. I am in the time build phase of training, having just completed the PPL course. There were 4 of us who finished PPL at the same time, so all 4 of us get together and fly our flights to the same place on the same schedule. We take off within a few minutes of each other, and meet at the designated airport. Its nice to have someone to talk to on the longer flights. My first 2 flights were at night. Perfect weather, and beautiful moonlight. We flew from Fort Pierce up to Space Coast Regional. The second flight was up to New Smyrna.
I did run into my first issue with Pan Am today. Its not that big, but I said I would let everyone know the good and bad here at Pan Am. I had a night flight last night, and got back at 11:00 PM, got to bed by 12:30. I had a flight this morning at 8:00 AM. SO I had to get up early for flight planning. I did everything I could the night before, and plugged in the winds and weather this morning. Then I go to dispatch to pick up my plane, and find my flight had been cancelled. The airplane assigned to me was pulled for it's 50 hour, and there was no other plane available. My gripe is why didn't they know the day before that it needed the 50 hour inspection? I could have slept more than 5 hours. So my flight has been rescheduled for noon. But I missed my flight with my buddies, they went on without me. So far that has been my only glitch at Pan Am, not very big, but a royal pain in the butt.
If anything else interesting happens I will post it.

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they probably knew, but didn't bother to even think to maybe call and leave you a message that your flight would be canceled. somebody just got lazy or didn't think a step ahead in the whole process. as for the late flight and then the early flight....yeah, thats crap. it happens all too often actually, if you see that kind of thing just cancel the flight on your own and give the reason why you did. in your case you would have had a pretty good excuse and most likely wouldn't have seen any problems. the scheduling process at school is ass backwards, and not very student firelndly. not that the people working it are at fault, its the system by which they have to do things. scheduling does its best but it answers to a higher authority sometimes, but you can always go talk with them if you see any issues like you had today. no big deal though, just seems like they had a glitch
We now have a progresssive inspection schedule in Phoenix. It replaces the 100hr and annual inspections. It consists of 4 50-hr phase inspections and the 4 phases constitute an annual inspection.

This new system is supposed to have less down time for inspections and they'll catch problems sooner. We'll see how it works out...
sounds cool, lets hope they implement it and work out the bugs within a resonable ammount of time.
Well, I have had quite a few flights, most uneventful. But one flight will stand out in my mind for a while. It looks like Instrument ground starts on Monday. I have to get my long cross country in for the commercial rating. I have 2-3 cross countries left, then I start up with an instrument instructor. The instrument training will really come in handy.

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I have the same problem at the FBO that I rent out of. There has been several occasions that I have driven all the way to the airport, which is 45mins from my house, just to find out that my airplane is down for whatever reason, and that my flight has been canceled!

Thanks for the update on your training, be sure to keep us posted...

When do you start to work on your instrument?
Funny you should ask. I started instrument ground today. I still have 2 more time build flights left, then I get assigned an instrument instructor. The time build flights have been a lot of fun, and a great experience. I have flown into all types of airspace including bravo, where I flew into Tampa Intl. After landing I was walking up to the general aviation terminal, and Air Force 2 pulled up (a 757). Jeb Bush walked right passed me, met Vice Pres. Cheney at the plane, and they drove away. That was really cool. And one time near Cape Canaveral, I had to climb out of the way of a C-5 Galaxy landing at Patrick AFB. He appeared in front of me out of the clouds.
I just reached 102 total hours, and I am 2 flights away from having 40 hours solo cross country. I am starting a new thread for my experiences in the instrument course, so keep an eye out for it.

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