The results of the test flight


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As some know, I was selected to fly a 172 to test an alternative lighting system for remote airports.

The system consists of a green flashing light on each corner of the runway, and using GPS they are flash in unison. Along side the runway are highly reflective panels which your landing light is supposed to light up on approach.

The test did not come out as well as hoped. We found the green lights hard to find. We were doing this test in a somewhat populated area, so there were other lights around which made the lights harder to find. Once established on final the landing lights did not light the panels up until around 200' agl. So the lateral guidance is poor.

I think it has the potential to be a good system, but it definently needs some improvements.
Interesting....I was at my flight school today and my instructor mentioned something about this at our airport because a rep from the FAA was there and I believe he saidd theywere going to try this new light out at our airport and see how it works..wonder if this is the same thing you just did or what you are talking about?