The Reality of Instructing @ ATP


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It's probably safe to say that everyone who's done their homework will agree that one of the biggest things ATP's career pilot program has going for it is the possibllity of instructing for them afterward. I received these comments from a former ATP instructor via another board, thought I'd share with others considering taking the plunge. Current ATP instructors, I'm interested in your perspectives as well; if anyone wants their comments posted anonymously, send me a PM. </font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
If you are thinking of attending the career pilot program I say go for it. If I had to do my ratings over again (NOOOOO!!!), ATP would be my first choice. The price is reasonable and the multi-time is critical.

Instructing for them is hard because there are many people that want to have the same job. I worked for them for over a year, which is longer than most people are able to stand there. They expect you to be there, (there, not just on call) 24/7, pay is 1000 per mo, and if you have a slow location, you may not be getting that many hours. My average was about 55 hrs/mo, which is good multi time, but you watch friends at FBO's making 100/mo.

As time went on, several of us got the impression that the main office wanted to keep a turnover of instructors in order to keep slots open for recent graduates of the program to become instructors, living up to their website's promise. Instructors used to get @$1000 per student in bonuses, $1100 base pay, meaning i could make as much as $3000 every 46 days or so. Then the office "restructured" and the base dropped to 1000, the bonuses were cut back to 100 per student per checkride meaning I was only making about 1400 every 40 days IF they passed all their checkrides (didnt always happen). At their apts, they cut phone and cable. We used to get paid to proctor FAA written tests but THAT was cut too. I can go on, but you get the impression. Not to mention they remind you of how replaceable you are on every other phone call you have with them.

I would recommend doing the program, and instructing with them to build up a couple hundred multi hours, and leaving to go to a busy FBO, which is probably they're recommendation as well. Good luck, hope this helps.

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