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I had the distinc priveledge of meeting Mike D last week, and I can tell you this, He IS the Real Deal.

I have a great measure of respect for Mike not only for his aviation experience and wisdom but more so for his lifes experience and wisdom. There are alot of people who share thier opionions freely here but what they are missing is the maturity and experience of life in applying those opionions. I particulary appreciate one of Mike's sayings and that is "speak of only what you know"

There is a great opportunity for those seeking information and insights on this forum, but there is a greater responsablity on those of us that answer to be sure and accurate with our responses. I have been guilty of answering with qualifiers like "I believe", " I think", when I should respond with ... According to TERPS or the FAR's or in the AIM chapter and verse ...

Mike sets a hight standard and I accept it as a challenge to have my stuff straight in answering you alls questions. One thing to guard against is when answering a question based on technique -vs- standards that we don't get offended and treat these differences as personall attacks. I believe that the sum of us know more than any individual here. I am open to thought provoking discussion as there are many here that know more about any given subject than I. I too want to learn and improve myself in all areas of life.

I think a fair question of those asking questions is what is the experience level of the asker. Likewise the respondant should qualify thier expierence level and background. Alot of the questions asked here are best answered not by the person with the most hours in a log book but by someone with real life experiences, fortunatley in people like Mike D you can find both.

The best part of meeting Mike was that he let me fly his A-10. Cool.

The best part of meeting Mike was that he let me fly his A-10. Cool.

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uh-huh, yeah, right!