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I have been at Pan Am for a relatively short time. Two days ago, a guy I know rather well, was expelled from the school because he asked about the new policy that will affect all of us students. I agree with him that the policy sucks. He has a professional background and conducts himself in that manner. How does asking about a new policy cause him to be expelled? Is he that big of a threat? Is our management so afraid of the students that they need to eliminate us when we have a question about the training we are paying for? Has anyone in management ever heard that the customer is always right? Evidently not, as I haven't met a person in management with a reputable resume. Flying sea planes in the glades and getting canned after 9 months doesn't say much about anyone there. MANAGEMENT IS LIKE THE MAFIA, IF THEY QUESTION YOU.....ELIMINATE THEM. How do y'all feel?
You are all welcome up the would help move some of the instructors along. And from what I keep hearing it would be cheaper too!
I was walking out of a building on campus the other day and saw three Pan Am guys taking a tour. Talked to them for a minute or two....didn't sound like things in Fort Pierce was all that great. cime, Have you seen the occasional Pan-o Am-o guy IN UNIFORM taking a tour?!?!? Cracked me up.

All you disgruntled FPR guys....just come up the road a few miles...check it out. Talk to some students privately. You'll be amazed by the difference. Heck, our tours are given by students who work part time in marketing. Do I want you guys to come up here for personal reasons? Yes...more students = more CFI's hired = better chance at the chunk getting a job, however, I hate to see you guys get taken for a ride. You're the friggin' customer! Don't take my word for it...just take an afternoon and come check it out!

i always liked your book store much better. i even have the "flight safety" seminole instrument panel poster in my place back in florida.
I never went to the FSI bookstore but I would guess that they have slightly better prices than the Pan AM bookstore.
The lady that runs our store (no names used w/o permission) is the nicest on the planet! She always has a smile and a kind word, which is nice to hear after you've beat your head into the wall for a while in the Frasca-lator.

I have seen one or two walking around. I had one guy in my ground school who switched here from there after a long fight with the school over money/training also.

How big was the new class today? Have you heard anything?
13 in the new least one has some serious gonads...asked the Cafe' crew to give him the remote so he could switch the TV! On his first day! I've been here a while and I wouldn't dare....that's like the holy grail!

Hey Chunk--

Trolling for students?
Nah....just hate to see folks spend multiple tens of thousands and be unhappy customers...."showing the light", so to speak.
I'm really happy where I'm at.