The officially unofficial thread of all official threads


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This thread is bug you guys. :laff:

I send my HR rep an email to ask about my FOL and all I got was an "out of office" reply.

I'm kind of getting sick of waiting.


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Yah, I'd like some personal news too...
I sent off an email as well, but I doubt I'll get a reply.


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We're all sick of waiting, that's why were on this site.

Not too many complaints on here about the workload, class schedule, or the other problems that happen when you have the job. Once we get hired on (and yes we will get hired at some point), we will all jump ship from this site too....maybe coming back on a bored rainy day to chime in here or there

Sit back, relax, and keep coming up with awesome thread titles to amuse us who are also waiting.:nana2: