The Non-disposable MikeD gifts - what to do with them when they are done with them...


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TheWife brought up a good question a bit ago about what will be done with the non-disposable stuff once MikeD and the boys are done with them...

I've asked Mike what he thought and this was his response...
Yeah, the laptop has external speakers and the such, as do the other laptops. Normal computers should be coming in soon. I was wondering the same about what to do with some of the "non-disposable" stuff that will be sent. What do people think should be done with it? I figured it would become squadron property once the squadron returned; and this base will definately be here for a number of years. Or, the items could be left for the next folks (an F-16 unit)....depends what the masses want done, and depends on the items.

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any ideas/suggestions???? Leave it for the next unit, give it to the squadron or have him bring it home?

we're talking about the items like an X-box, couple of game boys, there will be CD's, DVD's, playboy mags (and the like), blankets/pillows and so forth....
I think the best thing would be to leave it for the next group and just let the stuff cycle around eternally. The only problem I see with that though is that someone might be a little greedy and not get the point and everything that was behind it, and just take it home for themselves. I would rather Mike take it home then some other guy no one knows, but if there is a way to make sure it will continue to be cycled then I think that would be the most generous thing to do with it. BTW-Are you SURE you want to consider the uh "mags" as non disposable stuff? I mean....ewww. Lol.
heck yea! some people consider those mags as collectibles after a while! just a little drool - no big deal right?! haha
Don't forget that poor woman out there too!!! send her fun stuff - mebbe like "feminine hygiene products"
it'd suck to be in that situation with whatever the military gives you...(cause i'm sure its not the good kind)
I say leave it up to the guys that we are giving it to. It is going to be their stuff, they can do whatever they want with it.

I sign my vote over to Mike and his squadron.
I say let the squadron keep it. It was sent to them afterall. It's kind of cheesy, IMHO, to say "here you go guys we sent this stuff to you but when you're ready to go, leave it for the next guy."

Just my 2 cents.
If there's anything that the flight crews no longer want or need I would say to have them donate it to the next guy. It will have the same affect on the next unit as it did for MikeD and his group. Just make sure they know where it came from
Also, I am sure that there are plenty of Iraqi children that could use any left over supplies/equipment. It might even help change their mind about us. Just my two cents.
Let the squad decide, or atleast input.

Whether they leave it for next group of people at the base, divvy it up, play for it over poker, whatever
Ditto what 602 said. Or at the very least, leave it to the discretion of the squadron. It's their stuff. Let them decide.

....and it ain't the drool....... never mind.
My vote is to leave it to the discretion of the guys in Mike's unit. Leaving some of it for the next guys would be nice.

Kristie your new avatar is freakin' me out!

I say let them figure it out. If they do pass stuff on to another unit though it would be cool to get a message from them to find out who they are. Maybe send another package with disposible stuff in it. I know I'd contribute to that.

My vote is to leave it to the discretion of the guys in Mike's unit.

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Completely agree. It's a gift for those guys and they should be the ones who decide what to do with it.