The most depressing thing I've seen in a while!


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The most depressing thing I\'ve seen in a while!

I won't say where this is, but I ran into it because I talked with someone recently who did it. It goes against my beleifs. And it makes me down right angry and depressed. They expect you to pay for the training and then work for free for them? Excuse me, but if your thinking of doing this and whoring out, you may as well be working on sunset blvd in Hollywood.

Program Goal
To provide initial training and Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 135 Second-in-Command (SIC) qualification and certification. After pilot qualification, a temporary assignment on ************ scheduled Part 135 Air Taxi route system for practical flight experience.
FAA Commercial Multi-engine license with current instrument privileges. Second class Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical.

If not a United States citizen, the student will need the appropriate VISA for the practical flight training in the route system.

Ground Training - Provo, Utah
Flight Training - Montana

Training Duration
Initial ground and flight qualification - 15 days. After qualification you will receive approximately six to eight months of on-the-job-training (OJT).

Flight Experience
The flight experience will be approximately 40-50 hours per month conducted under instrument flight rules (IFR). Duties include loading and unloading cargo.

Course Content
Ground Training - 10 days (64 hours with an additional sixteen hours of aircraft systems) includes initial company indoctrination and orientation, Crew Resource Management (CRM), Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM), routes, operations specifications, policies and procedure, aeronautical knowledge, regulations, etc.

Flight Training - 5 days (4-6 flight hours and a flight check). The practical OJT experience will be given on the assigned operational route with a guarantee of 125 to 1000 hours of flight experience depending on the training block times contracted for.

Tuition Cost
Beech 99 aircraft: $13,595.00 (250 hour program) Beech 1900 aircraft: $18,995.00 (300 hour program)

All books, study materials, and facilities are included in the tuition cost. Tuition prices subject to change without notice.

$500.00 Class reservation fee - due with application.
Balance due upon arrival for training. Payment will be made by Certified Check, Money Order or Cash (no credit cards).
Re: The most depressing thing I\'ve seen in a while!

Oh yes, gotta love Alpine Air's scam. Plenty more where that came from; some outfits pay their captains with the money their FOs pay to fly with them. Some even make a profit on the deal.
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Duties include loading and unloading cargo.

[/ QUOTE ]

Hmm didn't know this was part of the 135 regs.

That right there is exactly all you are to them. And on top of it you're paying them to do it.
Re: The most depressing thing I\'ve seen in a while!

Like other people aer saying, we have to work to put the word out. You can't bring yourself to that level, otherwise whats the point in calling it a career. You may as well be standing on the side of the runway with a monkey on your shoulder doing stupid monkey tricks.