The List Is Moving!


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I just spoke with some people back at Flight Safety and it seems things are going well. A good number of people have been picked up by airlines, cargo, etc... over the past few weeks, and a number more have interviews with Express Jet, Eagle, Cummutair and some others. They have also gone through about 40 or so names on "The LIST" in order to fill two standardization in January and the other starts this month.

It seems like things are finally starting to pick up around there.

And no I have no ties to marketing...FSI would not do that. My interest lies in the fact that I am also on that list and waiting to instruct down there....although it probably won't happen too soon.
Yeah, I've been back now for a while and there is a good vibe around here among the instructors. Most instructors have 3-5 full time students and I know a couple have interviews within the next 10 days at a couple of good regionals.

There is a new standardization class starting next week, it also appears that a new European flying program (in addition to the RWL program) will be doing its JAA training here at the academy. There's also talk about American Eagle getting involved in some capacity with training. We'll see....
I'd sure like to know if any of the folks in our interview seminar have had interviews yet and how they did.

By the way, we will have another seminar in Orlando later this month.
A friend of mine just started back at the academy last monday to finish up his CFI ratings. He said that the atmosphere around the academy is really starting to feel like old times when he was there last (2001). I remember those times when the academy was jumpin. It is good to see the enrollment up and the the lists shrinking. It is alway's good times when the buzz is in the air at the academy. I have to admit I get a little jealous when he calls me to tell me about his day. I am glad to be finished with all of my ratings, but miss working on them at FSA.

Hi Jackie and Kelly...Miss you guy's...ILS
I was just informed today from FlightSafety's marketing that the wait list is down to about 70 IP's now, and they believe that by this summer the wait list will be gone...yes that sounds very of optimistic, but still very promising that it is progressively getting shorter... I plan on starting the priv audit in May.