The JAA and FAA relationship is it on the rocks?


The FAA is very unhappy about the fact that it is very difficult to convert from FAA to JAA. They are going to make it a lot harder to conduct JAA training in the US unless the convertion rules are relaxed. The FAA is thinking of changing the wording in 61.87 to prevent JAA instructors in the US training a student, then fobbing them off to an FAA instructor for solo and solo X-C privledges.
I know my private converted very easily over here, however it is my understanding unless you have over 800 hours, you have to start the flying and ground course again from scartch!
Ok Iain,
what about vica-versa--
JAA trained, say CityLine in Germany, then someday a move back to the States..the conversion would be easier, am I wrong?
I think I recall you having said your training was not a problem here in the US.
Converting JAA to FAA is much easier then the other way around. When converting JAA to FAA you have to take the written test and the flying test for every rating you want except PPL. To get your PPL all you have to do is go to your FISDO (I am not sure if you need an FAA medical or your one will be OK) and they will hand a FAA PPL to you.
I only got my PPL over in the states, and I am able to fly day VFR over here with that. If I want to change that to a JAA PPL (which I am not planning on doing too soon) I would have to get a radio license and take an air law exam.
thanx for the input. Still just mapping out potential paths....and options.
The motivation and drive part is easy, it's choosing the right school and type that is the hard part.
Add two different continents, and it gets even more interesting!

Iain any news on the JAA and FAA relationship.. any progress, the situation is getting ridiculous.
I heard with a FAA ATP, AND 1000 PIC u can have a JAA CPL/IR
Is this true ?
I would really like to know what are the exact requirements ?
Can u avoid the written exams (since i can't just stop working, just to go to bristol and study 6mo - 1yr) ?
What JAR do u still have to get (25...) ?
How about Flight Instr required and checkrides...

If anybody knows....
Iain any news on the JAA and FAA relationship.. any progress, the situation is getting ridiculous.

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Seriously, right now I have so much going on, I have not had the time to get up to date on the goings on with conversation and what not. I suggest you go to and ask there. Lots of people there are going through the stages and now the latest and greatest!