The Facility Level


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I read somewhere that a CPC can not move up more than 2 facility levels when transferring...

Why is this?
Why will they send a person off the street with zero experience with live traffic to a Level 12....
While the guy at a level 7 that has actually spoken to an aircraft can't get to a level 10.

Something seems wrong....:mad:
You can bid on any level facility you want to when applying for a job if you are already in the a level 7 could bid on a level 12 and get hired off that announcement.

I think what you are confusing this with is ERR. Employee Relocation Request. You can't ERR more than 3 levels from your current level. So if you were at a level 7, the highest place you could ERR to is a level 10. You could not ERR to a level 11 or 12.