The dates on my FOL don't make sense

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I need some help from some OKC students. This is from my FOL:

You are required to attend basic air traffic training at the FAA Academy located at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, beginning 8/18/2009. Classes will be in session for approximately 27 classroom days. Then you will immediately continue at the FAA Academy with Intro to Radar Control Training, for approximately 27 classroom days, beginning 8/18/2009 and then continue to the follow up basic radar training beginning 10/2/2009.

I know this is probably just a typo, but can someone fill me in? How long is basics? And how long are the two radar classes? Is there a chance my start date is listed wrong?

Thanks. I'd ask my rep, but it's Saturday and all.
They got dates screwed up on mine as well. Basically the whole letter is a template and then they just throw in whatever dates they need. Sometimes they put the wrong dates in the wrong spots. Just call or email them and they will get it fixed for you. I got a new one emailed to me the same day with the correct dates.
Basics is about 5 weeks. It then depends on which route you are going from there. TRACON is the shortest, followed by tower & lastly En-Route.
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