The coolest hotel in the world...


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...Well that I've been to anyhow

Just got back (Monday) from a turkey day road trip (I really need my PPL) in Atlanta.

My wife had to take care of some bidness in ATL so we decided that Thursday night we'd stay at the Renaissance Concourse Hotel.

Now, for those of you who have never been get this...the hotel is like right on the runways, and there appears to be a maintaince(?) type area where several Delta and Song planes were parked.

Needless to say I spent a lot of time watching the planes and wishing I'd brought my camera.

The price was right too $79 / night, with a view of the airport.

Even saw a C172 taking off into the soup.

Anyhow, cool a** place.

My favorite place was the Hyatt in Orlando, right in the middle of all the runways with huge windows in the resturant.
I like the El Tovar, at the top of the Grand Canyon.


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I had dinner at El Tovar, muy bueno my friend!

We stayed at the lodge just a bit down from that however.
I like the El Tovar, at the top of the Grand Canyon.


[/ QUOTE ]

I had dinner at El Tovar, muy bueno my friend!

We stayed at the lodge just a bit down from that however.

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I've heard that El Tovar is good, but to get the real Canyon experience you have to hike to the bottom and spend a night at Phantom Ranch. Best stew I've ever had!
The Fairmont at Vancouver Airport is in the middle of the airport as well. Our room overlooked a terminal and the active runway! And for the cherry on top - I got to share the breakfast buffet with lots of Continental pilots. Great networking!
The Phantom Ranch would be the shiznit, but considering it was me, my wife, my sister-in-law, and her friend from FL, it was "Come on girls! Hey hon, grab your sister and have her drag her friend over here, aww come on girls, there's not that much donkey poop on the trail."

Talk about herdin' cats!
I live in Miami, but on ocassion we end up staying at a hotel for some reason. The last one I stayed at with a good price and an awesome view of Miami Int'l was the Sofitel. There is also a Hilton which is a block down with an incredible Sunday buffet. The views of these group of hotels are amazing, for us pilots we can say that the show is included with the room.

Phantom Ranch is beautiful. I had the good fortune to do a privately-organized 18 day dory trip down the Colorado through the canyon way back in 1995 or so. Boy the lemonade at the ranch sure tasted good after a week on the river...
The Middle East sand pit is good for more than just camels and oil, ya know. Arguably one of the most unique and coolest hotels in the world is the Burj Al Arab, the world's only Seven Star hotel, count em ******* is located in Dubai, in the UAE.

The building is shaped like a massive sail and out over the water. Uber Cool, I'll say. Also home to one of the world's most successful airlines, Emirates, and a whole bunch of new startup airlines in that country now.
Gotta chime in here. Just had that stew at Phantom Ranch a few weeks ago and that is definitely some good stuff. Made the blisters on the feet worth it.
Tent City, Camp Wolf @ Kuwait international. On the airport in between the runways! The next week managed to get the penthouse at the Sheraton
Yeah, aloft, right on. That top picture is precisely the hotel I'm talking about, the Burj Al Arab. Talk about oil money, whodathunk those fossils would be paying for such glass and steel in the far future.
If I remember right, Dubai also has a six-star restaurant. Yup SIX big stars on a 1 to 5 scale.

You board a submarine, dive down and dock underwater at an inverted fishbowl. You dine underwater with the fish looking in on you.

The Grand Hotel, Macanac Island.

and on the lower-end scale - for the view:


The Edgewater Hotel in Gatlinburg, TN.

(What can I say? I'm po.

I didn't mention it a few posts up but I did hike down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We stayed at the Phantom Ranch for 3 days. Did anyone else hike to Ribbon Falls I think it was called? 7 miles away whatever the name was. That was an awesome trip. I'll also never forget, opening up the lunch that had Philadelphia Cream Cheese, even at the bottom of the Grand Canyon!