The CFI Academy in Las Vegas, anyone heard of them?


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So I ran across an add they had, and visitied their site. I had a few additional questions, so here is what I sent, and the reply received:

Hi Josh,

Thanks for your inquiry into training with us.
The answers to your questions...
1. C-172/ Piper Arrow(for complex portion)
2. The ouline for the program is the CFI PTS.
3. I've done 400+ CFI's in the last 2 years, with an Initial attempt pass rate of approx. 85%.
4. If you fail the check ride, we will re-train you at no charge. You are responsible for the re-check examiner fee ($200).
5. Once you decide to do this, we set the 2 checkrides right away. When the checkride date is confirmed, then we count backwards 10 days... that will be your start date.
6. See #5
7. Plan on 8-5 every day.
8. The hotels we have listed on the web site vary their rates all the time. Budget Suites seems to have the most reasonable rates.

Thanks again Josh! Any more questions feel free to call me at 702-325-9712

Vince DiFrisco, THe CFI Academy


Josh Pavlovich wrote:

I have a few questions about your CFI program:

1. What type of plane is used?
2. Do you have an outline of the program other than the 4-6hrs ground per day listed on your web page that can be provided for my review?
3. What is the pass rate?
4. What happens in the event of a failed checkride?
5. What is the time frame for a start date?
6. How is a checkride for the CFII course that you have included currently in the price, set up?
7. What is the typical day schedule? What I mean is start at 8am, or later? Go into the evening? I friends who are in the local area I may be able to stay with if the schedule works out.
8. Do you have any packages worked out with regards to local hotels for a stay long enough to complete CFI and CFII training.

Josh Pavlovich

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So, it appears they have been around for a while to train 400 in 2 years. Never heard of the place before, and looking for comments. Good? Bad? is their site