That ATOP class


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I'm thinking of signing up for one of their classes. Anybody have any feedback?
To quickly fill anyone in that hasn't heard about it, it's a 2 day class on flying the B737-300.
I've been thinking about this, too. Anyone want to storm Continental's training with JC people?

I took it when it was at the UAL training center. Lots of fun, very insightful (they bring in a line pilot to do Q&A), and Wayne Phillips (the primary instructor) is great.
I'd like to do that one day, but not let anyone know that I've got about 1000 hours of 737 time!

Just like if Kristie wants to get her Private Pilots License, I'll probably walk into an FBO for a 'discovery flight', act like I don't know a rudder from an aileron to see how they treated me.
Not really!

I took a tour of Pan Am in Phoenix as a "guy off the street" in shorts and a t-shirt and the tourguide did well.

I'm not a mean guy!
Well, not THAT mean...
My friends dad that is a 737 captain at usairways did that when his son and I were looking at flight schools out here in MD and it was amazing how differently the instructors acted when they knew he was a 73 capt. and when they didn't. That's how we choose our primary place.
I did the March or 2000 class in Denver at the UALTK.
It was alot of fun. Saturday was 737-200 systems. Then Sunday was the day for flying the sim. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get a taste of what airline groundschool is like. I even thought about doing it again just to try out the 737-300 in Houston.
I also did the ATOP when it was still at the UTK. There was a post not too long ago about the same topic where some people (including me) wrote a detailed reply. I definately recommend it and would love to do it again. I think the newest issue of Flight Training or AOPA Pilot had an article about it. Something to look into. Good luck and have fun.