Thank you to all the Comair students/instructors who e-mailed me...


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You were extremely helpful! One final question to anyone reading who has been a student at BOTH FlightSafety and Comair.... would you please e-mail me, I have one specific question I'd like to ask you.... Thanks!

Have them post the information so everyone can read it. This forum wasn't meant to "snipe" email addresses and do private advertising.

If the people are too afraid to publically publish what they have to say (even with the anonymity of the internet and my lack of requirement to use a real name) there's no way to "quality check" their response by other experienced pilots.
I DO understand what you are saying Doug, truly... HOWEVER, I KNOW for a fact that the marketing folks for these schools read this board religiously even though they told you to "go pound salt" (or something like that you had stated on an earlier post) when you invited them to respond... and I KNOW for a fact that they know WHO alot of the posters are. They REGULARLY attend this board so they can keep a pulse on WHAT the student's are saying and feeling about the
school (s). (and THAT is a compliment to you ) I want real answers that do not have a spin on it because they know admin IS reading the board. At the same time, just because these folks are speaking their mind and HELPING another student in their expensive, exhaustive decision, I don't want them labeled as troublemakers and then have a bunch of politicking going on under the surface for them in those oh so subtle ways. Not that these admin folks are "God" and can make or break careers but I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. I read some of the "latest" posts on the board regarding FlightSafety and said, "WOW, FINALLY folks from within are really telling it like it is", which was a FFFAAARRR cry from what I was TOLD when I visited there! I hadn't seen much of THAT on this board until these particular posts!
How are the rest of us going to REALLY learn about a particular school if all we hear is the rosy red stuff or questions of questions? I know once I'm into a school I choose I WILL try to answer prospective student's questions both good and bad because I KNOW how difficult it has been to cut through the crap and make the best informed decision one can. Yes, I wish they would all post here without fear of being potentially blackballed. On the other hand, there were folks who had GOOD things to say as well, and those who don't care and post whatever they want on the board. I'd be happy to give a general summary of what was said without using user names if you all think that should be done because I do appreciate this board and my intention really wasn't to pi%& anyone off.
That's precisely why you shouldn't solicit private email from reps.