Thank you, ADX Forum! - Sheffield-bound October 2013


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First, please allow me to express my gratitude to all of you for your patient and generous sharing of experience/information. I've been 'lurking' for a few months now and have soaked up quite a bit. I'm trying to avoid asking questions that have been previously asked/answered, but am glad to see how gracious y'all are with 'newbies'.

I'm scheduled to attend Sheffield for the October 2013 class (I would have signed up for the August class, but work would not allow me to get away that soon). While I do have an aviation background, I've been working outside of the industry for the last five years (and I'm very ready to come 'home'!)

I'm presently living/working at the Reagan Missile Test Range on Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands. While it's been a grand adventure, it's time to come home (both professionally and physically). Living on a tiny spec in the middle of the Pacific has a definite upside; there are also challenges to being so remote.

If any of you are curious or are interested in trying it, start here: <redacted bad link> ; then hit me with your questions. You can also search jobs here by location: They do have Dispatchers (though not certified).

I'm very excited and can't wait for October! Meanwhile, I content myself with this page and studying for the written.

Again, Thanks everyone!:biggrin:

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That's odd. I'm actually working from 'behind' supposedly rugged Army filters/firewalls...and I went to the link and copied from the address bar....mmm

maybe try googling: "Kwajalein Range Services, Inc" It's the partnership that has the Logistics for the Range (Bechtel, Lockheed-Martin, Chugach Alaska).
Good luck to ya! I'll be in the August class. I've been using the Sheffield ADX prep App and it has been very helpful so far. I'd definitely recommend picking that up if you don't want to print out all of the study guides. Your job sounds cool, but I don't blame you for wanting to get back home.
Thanks, Guys!
Raptor, so far I've been slogging it old school. One of those 'down-sides' to being remote: no cell service (and several things make downloading apps to a pc difficult). I have been wondering if they planned an android version; I have a Kindle Fire and a Samsung Galaxy....
Sheffield's ADX Prep App has been inoperable for the past day or so. I spoke with Morris from Sheffield who advised that the Servers are currently being replaced. The application will be down until some time next week per Morris. :def: I planned on taking this ADX exam mid August but this has definitely put me behind.

Does anyone know where I could find the print out of the Study Guides. I will greatly appreciate any help I could get. This is very frustrating considering I shelled out 50 bucks on the app. Back to dragging around the big red book until server upgrades are completed. :ooh:
Rich: are you going through Sheffield for your cert? The study guides are available on the website to registered students and included in your tuition.
Rich: are you going through Sheffield for your cert? The study guides are available on the website to registered students and included in your tuition.

I will be going to Sheffield. I have not yet registered. I will be taking the online classes as I will not be able to get do much time off. Really like the App, sucks that its down right now.
Yes, Eric also informed me that the servers were down for a few days. Maybe Sheffield would provide you temporary access to the study guides given the circumstances. Might be worth inquiring about if you are on a study timeline.