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Have a question for ya'll - on Tuesday the President is visiting our fair city - I need to do some flying that day and am triing to make some plans - I'm sure a TFR will be issued but I was wondering from those that have dealt with this before - do the TFR's usually close down everything or can you still come and go IFR? Are they usually valid for the entire time he's in a particular city or only when he's 'in transit'?

I think this is the first time in my career I've ever actually been affected by a TFR!

He's come to the Cleveland area twice over the summer. The first time he was here, they basically "enhanced" (like they did to the Class B's post-9/11) the class C airport that he was at, and made that the TFR- and I believe it was for the duration that he was there (just a few hours).

The second time, I think AF1 was at CLE, and they had a certain radius where only scheduled ops were permitted (coming and going from CLE), and outside of that was another area where I think only IFR flights were permitted. Again, that was only for just a couple of hours.

Sorry, I don't remember the exact details or dimensions of either of them, but I do know that they put out the TFR notice a couple days in advance...if that helps any.

*EDIT- So basically, after reading what I wrote, I was no help at all.
He came here a few months ago (last month maybe?).

It shut down specific areas for certain times, which were released a few days before his arrivial. I can't remember if IFR ops were permitted (I THINK yes, but I wouldn't bet a dime on it).
The President was here in NY last week.....same TFR bull as always, here's how it goes in NY.

There is a 30NM TFR set up around NYC, basically the 30NM mode C veil of Kennedy/La Guardia/Newark marks the area from the surface up to the heavens.

No aircraft may operate in this area without an assigned transponder code and all aircraft will be in contact with a tower or approach/center.

No flight training may be conducted within the zone, so aircraft originating from airports within the zone must travel outside to conduct training, no touch and goes allowed.

Leaving my airport VFR involves filing a DVFR flight plan (from the ground!! No filing in the air). I simply defined the route of flight as going to the nearest VOR outside the 30NM radius. Upon initial call-up, ground has a transponder code for me. After take off we are handed over to departure control who then asks us what our on-course heading is. You don't have to go where you "filed" to. You file to a VOR just to keep their computers happy.

To return into the 30NM radius, you contact the approach controlers. Don't bother calling the flight service center to open your plan, it's not like a typical VFR flight plan. The approach controllers handle you up to a certain point and hand you off to the local tower. DON'T set 1200 in the txponder!! Remain on the same code they gave you as you switch to tower.

Anyways, I'm sure they'll have their own way of doing things where you are. What I wrote here was how this has evolved here in NY. It seemed like they were inventing stuff as they went.....Good luck!
Just file IFR until you are clear of the TFR, that is the only way I am confidant that I won;t be visited by the fast airplanes with guns...
The actually shut down a satelite airport in my area. Its an airport about 5 miles from the airport he flew in to. Basically other than that airport it was:
No Training. VFR must have transponder code. IFR permited. 30NM ring from airport he flew into.
dont violate the tfr----i know someone who did, and beleive was a royal pain in the arse for him. We are talking secret service, blackhawk escort, and a full search of car and plane....all in the interest in national security.
I know when he came to our area they issued a TFR, and Oakland Tower actually called our school and advised us that Oakland Center had requested we shutdown operations for the hours the TFR were in effect, which they did. I've had the pleasure of watching two F16's(?) fly right over my wing and I sure as hell wouldnt want one on my tail.