Testosterone and the FAA


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I'm a 50 year old ATP with a special issuance medical for thyroid disease. On my recent visit to my endrocrinologist my blood work showed low testosterone. He recommends I begin thearapy immediately with injections or cream administered on a weekly basis. Is there anything that prohibits this treatment as far as the FAA is concerened? Also I have searched FAA.gov for a list of prohibited substances but I can't find anything. Any help anyone can offer or details of similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thx

My Flight Surgeon

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As long as you provide the AME with documentation of the low testosterone and follow-up levels that are in the normal limit it should not be an issue. The issue with testosterone is its use as an anbolic steroid to build mass. This can lead to psychological problems such as rage, anger control, etc. that might make the folks in OKC nervous.


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I'm gathering from this thread that hypogonadism isn't disqualifying for a first class medical. I'm glad.

Does anyone know if hypogonadism and hormone replacement therapy are waiverable for the purpose of flying in the armed forces?