JSFirm Test Pilot 3

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Boeing Company Tukwila, Washington:

Location Tukwila, WA

Security Clearance Required? Ability to Obtain Interim and/or Final Clearances (Post Start) - US Citizenship Required

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Position Description

Conducts ground, flight and maintenance test flights for experimental, prototype and production aircraft to determine system functionality, aircraft performance and structural integrity of aircraft. Conducts developmental flight test activities for basic airwothiness, aircraft modifications, missions systems, air refueling, and also supports target/chase aircraft requirments for the same. Contributes to technical reports, flight manuals and flight reports. Assists with evaluation of flight data (e.g., system performance, aircraft handling, equipment malfunction) and participates in aircraft design to recommend changes to design based on operational considerations. Collaborates on marketing, evaluation and demonstration activities for customers. Job requires FAA ATP or Commercial certificate with the appropriate endorsements.



[ + ] Adaptability
Understands changes in own and others’ work and situations; may be asked to explain the logic or basis for change to less experienced employees; actively seeks information about changes affecting own and fellow employees’ jobs. Treats changes and new situations as opportunities for learning or growth; focuses on the beneficial aspects of change; speaks positively about the change to fellow interorganizational employees and occasionally to external customers. Quickly modifies behavior to deal effectively with changes in the work environment; readily tries new approaches appropriate for new or changed situations; does not persist with ineffective behaviors.

[ + ] Coaching/Teaching
Clarifies expected behaviors, knowledge, and level of proficiency by seeking and giving information and checking for understanding. Provides instruction, positive modeling, and opportunities for observation in order to help fellow work group members, internal employees and occasionally external customers develop skills; encourages questions to ensure understanding. Gives timely, appropriate feedback on performance; reinforces efforts and progress. Establishes good interpersonal relationships by helping fellow work group members, internal employees and occasionally external customers, feel valued, appreciated, and included in discussions.

[ + ] Communication
Clarifies purpose and importance; stresses major points; follows a logical sequence. Keeps the audience engaged through use of techniques such as analogies, illustrations, humor, an appealing style, body language, and voice inflection. Frames the message in line with audience experience, background, and expectations; uses terms, examples, and analogies that are meaningful to the audience. Seeks input from audience; checks understanding; presents message in different ways to enhance understanding. Uses syntax, pace, volume, diction, and mechanics appropriate to the media being used. Accurately interprets messages from others and responds appropriately.

[ + ] Decision Making
Recognizes a wide range of potentially difficult issues, problems, or opportunities in own work group, across the organization and occasionally with external customers; determines whether action is needed. Identifies the need for and collects information to better understand difficult issues, problems, and opportunities. Integrates information from a wide variety of sources; detects trends, associations, and cause-effect relationships; creates relevant options for addressing difficult problems/opportunities and achieving desired outcomes. Formulates and/or makes recommendations for decision criteria based on issue complexity; evaluates options by considering implications and consequences; chooses an effective option. Implements decisions or initiates action within a reasonable time. Includes fellow work group members, employees across the organization, and occasionally external customers in the decision-making process as warranted to obtain good information, make the most appropriate decisions, and ensure buy-in and understanding of the resulting decisions.


[ + ] Aircraft Performance Data
Complete knowledge of aerodynamic and propulsion principles and their application in developing aircraft performance data. Complete knowledge of associated regulatory requirements and related impact on aircraft performance data. Utilize this knowledge to resolve customer issues and develop products.

[ + ] Aviation Ability and Knowledge
Intermediate knowledge and ability to utilize crew resource management, weight and balance calculations, navigation procedures, airspace, meteorology, aircraft performance data, communication operations, flight planning, industry regulations, and pilot aviation skills to include: instrument, night, formation, and cross-country flight instruction, flight planning, flight test profiles, and functional check flights.

[ + ] Flight Test Operations
Intermediate knowledge of aircraft flight crew operations, flight deck design philosophy, flight deck/pilot interface, flight test requirements and procedures and customer requirements. Knowledge of how the customer flight crews operate aircraft during day to day operations, including typical airline/military flight operations and all normal and non-normal operating procedures and checklists. Knowledge of the Air Traffic Control environment and how aircraft are routed through the air traffic environment.

Basic Qualifications For Consideration

Are you willing to travel and/or work weekends?

Do you have or are you able to hold an FAA Class 1 medical?

Do you have prior military flight test experience?

Typical Education/Experience

Degree and typical experience in engineering classification: Bachelor’s and 5 or more years’ experience, Master’s degree with 3 or more years’ experience or PhD degree with experience. Bachelor, Master or Doctorate of Science degree from an accredited course of study, in engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics or chemistry. ABET is the preferred, although not required, accreditation standard.

Other Job related information

Military flight test experience is mandatory. Transport/bomber flight test experience is highly desired. Test Pilot School graduate is highly desired. Receiver aerial refueling experience in large military aircraft is also highly desired. This position will involve formation and chase responsibilties in test support aircraft. Close formation flight experience is required. T-38 Instructor Pilot experience is highly desired.

  • Business Unit Engineering Ops & Tech
  • Division Boeing Test & Evaluation
  • Program Chief Test Pilot
  • Job Type Non-Management
  • Experience Level Career/Experienced
  • US Person Status Required? Yes

Closing Date: 09/03/2014about closing dates

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