Terminal Or Enroute


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Hello all
I finally recieved my geo pref email and I have some concerns. I live in NYC are and I defintely want to work in the terminal. However I don't see to many people who who were picked. I see a lot of ZNY. My question is do you think I would lessen my chance of being picked if I chose terminal only?? I scored a 97.1 on my AT-SAT. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
i would say put both on the geo prefs i mean if worse comes to worse you could always get a transfer. but yea by putting terminal only or enroute only you will limit yourself.
Are you sure you don't want to work enroute? I also seen lots more people get picked up for ZNY than N90, and starting in a center is usually easier than a busy TRACON.
One thing to keep in mind for ANY area: the enroute for that area may be hiring while the tracon/tower is not and vice versa. Putting both enroute and tracon as your choice give you a higher chance of being picked up for that area you want. Good Luck!
Don't just put terminal for NYC. JFK and LGA aren't taking any ots anymore. And no I'm not making this up. My friend works at LGA. Go visit ZNY. It's really not as scary as everyone thinks. I was the same way as everyone. I wanted Terminal only, but then I visited ZNY and realized it's not as bad as people make centers out to be and it's actually really cool.