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So did you guys who got out recently attend TAP? Transistion Assistance. I thought it was the biggest waste of a week of my life. Any thoughts?
Definitly a waist of time. I just needed the Page 13. Pretty hard to stay awake the whole week! The VA has a class only here in San Diego for people who are getting seperated for medical reasons. It was 80 times better than TAP and you heard everything pretty much from the VA's mouth.
Transition Assistance Program - C.R.A.P.


What a disgusting seminar. It made me feel like one of those my-life-is-the-military boneheads that has no clue how to de-program to a civilian mentality. Our "instructor" was some dreadlock-wearing welfare wannabe, and when I mentioned my intentions for a flying career, I got blank stares...period. Even the VA rep that had no clue on how the GI Bill works!

TAP has no effect on someone if they have a clue on what they'll be doing after separation, and should be voluntary. The only thing I took home is how I can suck more money out of the govt; drawing unemployment while flight training. Now I feel like a democrat!
Re: Transition Assistance Program - C.R.A.P.

The only thing I took home is how I can suck more money out of the govt

[/ QUOTE ]

You are so right. The VA rep told us nothing but how to get more money out of the government. I hurt myself playing hockey recently. She said to make sure I had it documented as I could get at least 20 - 30% disability for that. Give me a break!
Funny, I skipped it the nearest one was an army one in Brooklyn NY, ( yeah sit in traffic for 2 hours) or an army one in NJ, (same problem).

Then my boss said well you should go, as they will help you with any VA issues, and We will pull you out of the roation for that week.

Really? Joy oh Joy. Mamm, You do know that I do the sked and I already pulled myself for my last two weeks anyway.. right?

You did?

Yes Mamm, you signed the watch bill.

Oh, OK, Guess it is ok then.....

(I don't miss the Idiots)
I guess she couldn't see the trees for the forest...

[/ QUOTE ]


she cheked in and on day one said I am glad to be here ( an operational billet vs a staff billet) so I can have a baby....


So she gets PG and when she is gone on Mleave they take her office and give it to two O2s, who share it, SHe comes back all pissy, then she goes TAD, when she comes back she has been relieved from her position as OPS. and they put her in some BS training position, then she goes on leave comes back and they have taken her chair...

One reason she lost her OPS title is she would close her office door to breastfeed her baby... well ok,

BUT she would put a sign on the door,

Do not disturb, lightering ops in progress...

Apparently the CO ( a very VERY senior 06, did not find the humor in it. )
I went through TAP 2 months ago in Norfolk, VA. It was a waste of time for the most part but there where a few bites of good info.
TAP is mandated by congress...nothing like congressional appropriated wastes of time. The one I did in Oki was in a E-club. (Globe and Anchor for those of you who've been on the rock). With 100+ people in the room, you'd always have 10-15% slip out to hit the bar or slots during class. I think they may have set up a rotation in the back of the room!