Taking the tour..


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Hey everyone, just testing out the waters on the ATP board, this place sounds Great! I live in Ft.lauderdale FL and i plan on taking the tour in stuart on friday the 22. I am senior in H.S. and i was planning on going to ERAU but my current instructor came from ATP and told me all about it. I'v seen the pre reqs. and i called JAX HQ and they said that if i am coming right from high school, there are some cases where i dont need the two years of college, as long as i attend after ATP. hopefully that is true, i talked to 2 ATP reps. who confirmed this. anyways, im excited, it seems to good to be true, as of now, i hold a PPL with around 70 TTL. so i have a year to finish up the edges before heading up there to start. Any feedback is great so shoot away guys, thanks.