Taking the CFI/CFII/MEI program


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I'm interested in finishing out my training by doing my CFI's with ATP. The program sounds great, but how are you supposed to get the sign-offs to take the written tests for your CFI's? Am I supposed to do some training at an FBO before I go there? Also, the training is so fast, can I be a good instructor by going through so quickly? Any help would be appreciated
When you sign up for the course we'll help you with the endorsements for taking the writtens.

As far as being a good instructor..
Both yes and no. A person who is a good pilot and would have been a good instructor anyway will be a good instructor going through this course. Someone who's not such a good pilot and would never quite become a super instructor won't become a super instructor through this program.

Perhaps this sounds a bit wishy washy, but I belive the course is good enough to realize someone's potential, if they have a good foundation. It's not long enough to transfer a mediocre pilot to a good instructor though.

I can help you with the CFI written endorsements without you signing up for anything........no endorsements required to take any CFI written.