Take your pick... would you rather? (RE: Gear up landing)


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Ok after my second real life gear problem I have decided to create a little poll. BTW both times ended up for the best and did not require either of the poll options, but todays came close to needing one.

I pick option 2


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definitly number one.

If the cheese grater is like the one at my house it wouldnt be possible to do it for 2 minutes due to cutting to bone almost instantly.



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I'd have to go with odds on this one. Definitely number 1. Chance may be that I come from #1 unscathed whereas #2 is a guaranteed ouchy LOL!!!!!!!!!!


I'm gonna have to go with Number One.

Can't pay for the flight lessons if the moneymaker ain't shakin'


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I'd much rather do something that hurts an airplane, especially if it's not my fault, than do something that hurts me!


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Speaking of gear ups, I saw a Riddle Seminole get within about 5 feet from the runway today before they realized the gear wasn't down. YIKES!


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Heh, remember the last one they had in summer of '01? I was standing there between classes and saw the whole thing. Instructor on board and everything...bet that ruined a couple of careers....in addition to two engines, two props, and a whole lotta belly damage. Sad, really.


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I know someone who had all the lights green on his multi ride, and he called it out on his downwind, base, and final to the examiner. Well, when he touched down, the nosegear collapsed. The guy who owned the plane wanted to come after him for the deductible, but the newly minted multi pilot won. After all, he had the examiner sitting right next to him confirming that the lights were all green!