Tacoma, WA

There has been a rumor for a couple of years about one opening at the Narrows, but I think that changed when they opened the Salem one.
I started my private at Crossings Aviation located at the Tacoma Narrows airport before heading to Florida. I have been saying for years that a school with a good multi-engine instrument program would do great up there with all of that IMC. Once I caught wind that Crossings was going bankrupt I was out of there. Another school opened after Crossings shut down named Zephyr. What ever happened to that one. Tacoma Narrows is a great airport to train out of...ILS
Zephr went out of business too. Avion over in Bremerton bought some of the assets. Pavco I think is the only FBO still there. For some reason it is hard to keep a school running over there.
Well, I talked to an instructor in Jacksonville today and he said that they are opening an ATP in Seattle that will have the ACPP. Anyone know about this? So i guess I was wrong about T-town. The guy said he couldn't remember what airport, however, but it will be opening shortly, like in November. Anyone know what airport?
If you are lucky it will open at BFI (Boeing Field). Renton wouldn't be bad either. When you find out the specifics post them here...ILS

Hey soonermurph, you have any inside info on the likes of an ATP coming to Seattle soon.
Tacoma Narrows, eh. That's awesome, do you have any idea on how soon? November? By the end of the year? And also will they be offering the ACPP right when they open?
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Yea, you will be seeing me instructing at the Tacoma Narrows Aiport in a couple of weeks or so. I'm really looking forward to it.
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Sooner, is someone else going to Salem? Is Salem staying open? Are you guys flying much there?